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things to know about seint
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What you already know about Seint

SEINT makeup is a brand that has gained a lot of attention in recent years due to its unique approach to makeup which focuses on enhancing natural beauty with single layer makeup, as opposed to traditional layers of makeup.


The brand’s philosophy is to create makeup that looks natural and enhances the features that make each person unique and embrace individual’s beauty. This approach has resonated with many people who are looking for a more natural, effortless makeup look.


SEINT makeup has also gained a following on social media, particularly on TikTok and Instagram, where users share photos and videos of their makeup looks using SEINT products. The brand’s ambassadors, who are everyday women, not professional models, have also helped to increase its popularity by showing how easy it is to use the products and achieve a natural, glowing look.


Additionally, SEINT makeup is made with high-quality, natural ingredients, which appeals to consumers who are conscious about what they put on their skin. The brand’s commitment to being cruelty-free also adds to its appeal for those who want to use products that align with their ethical values.

What you didn't know about Seint

Overall, SEINT makeup’s unique approach, high-quality ingredients, and social media presence have contributed to its viral status and popularity among makeup enthusiasts. But, while there are many benefits to using SEINT makeup, there are also some drawbacks that users should be aware of.


In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of SEINT makeup to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right choice for you. We will look at the brand’s high-quality, natural ingredients, unique approach to makeup, and range of products, as well as some potential downsides such as its suitability for all skin types and its longevity. 


By weighing the advantages and disadvantages of SEINT makeup, you can decide if it’s the right choice for your makeup routine.

Potential Pitfalls of Seint Makeup

Allergic Reactions:

As with any makeup product, there is always the risk of an allergic reaction. Beeswax, while sourced naturally, this ingredient in Seint makeup, can trigger an allergic reaction in some people. It’s important to test the products on a small patch of skin before applying it all over your face.
allergic reaction

The 30 days money back guarantee ensures you are able to test the product before you commit long term.  With the possibility of finding allergic reaction, you are able to get your money back in case it didn’t work for you.

Few Shade Range :

Seint makeup’s shade range is relatively limited compared to other makeup brands. This may make it challenging for some people to find a suitable shade.  However, Seint creams can be mixed so a shade closest and true to your skin tone is 100% achieavable! 


few shade range

With traditional makeup, you are confined to just one color but because Seint is cream, the possibilities are endless since you can combine the creams to achieve your perfect shade match! 

Too dark? Shade up by mixing with your brightening highlight. Too light? Mix with a darker highlight. You can mix the lip colors too to create your own unique color!

Expensive :

Seint makeup is not cheap, and some people may find it expensive compared to other makeup brands. Surely, you pay a wee bit more than drugstore brands but you’re getting high end quality makeup without the high price tag. 



In terms of usage, small amount goes a long way, you are actually saving in the long run! 


Plus, lip colors double as blush, eyedshadow or contour double as brow color, contour double as color corrector and so on, you end up buying less products since Seint’s products are multi-purpose.

Limited Products :

In the cosmetics world, Seint wants to make distinction between makeup that just looks good and other products that create a genuine difference in the way women live their lives, e.g., the 5-minute makeup routine. 


Seint is in a continuous mission to develop products that are not only time-saving but also makes a positive difference. 


Hopefully, there will be more additions to the line since more women are looking to streamline their makeup routine and seeking quality ingredients in their makeup products. 

Not Staying Long Enough :

Some users have reported issues with the quality of Seint makeup products, such as the foundation not staying put throughout the day

makeup not staying long enough

Seint makeup is designed so women will be able to clean up the product at the end of the day. Just think about those extra chemicals that go with makeup products that are long wearing.  

With regards to prolonging Seint makeup, extra products are recommended such as Setting spray and/or Vanilla Dust powder, and if you use one from Seint, you can be assured they are made with ingredients that are good for you!

Oiliness :

Women have reported increased oiliness in relation to product use. There is skin science behind to it. If your skin is dry, your skin will try to produce more oil in response to lack of moisture. That’s why the introduction of extra moisture that cream makeup brings, make you oily when starting. But science have also well explained that this will subside once your skin get used to the extra moisture. 

increased oiliness

Do not confuse oily with dewy. If you’re into matte makeup, setting powder may help you out but matte is unnatural looking. Seint is more of dewy side which is more natural finish.

Limited Availability :

Seint makeup is only available for purchase through their website or through a Seint makeup artist, which may not be accessible to everyone.


seint artist

It is important to engage a Seint Artist, which offers free color match service, to help find the colors that will match your unique skin tone.

Seint Artist also offers after sale support to help you out when the colors did not work for you.

Learning Curve :

Learning makeup can be an intimidating undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! 

makeup learning curve

Seint Makeup is supposed to streamline your makeup routine by eliminating the need for makeup layers. Seint is designed to be applied in thin, single layer. All you really need to know is the placement of individual creams.

Complexity in Makeup Application

If  you’ve been a makeup user for a while, you may find Seint underwhelming.


Or if you are someone who have not really used makeup because of the complexity, be glad since Seint is revolutionizing the makeup application with it’s single layer approach.  So forget about makeup layers and hello to just one layer of makeup!



Here are some adjustments you might need when using Seint makeup:


Use a Different Application Technique :

Seint makeup is applied differently from traditional makeup. You will need to use a brush to apply the makeup in thin layers, using a “stipple and swirl” technique rather than traditional blending.

Use a Lighter Hand :

Seint makeup is designed to be buildable, so it’s important to start with a light hand and add more product gradually to achieve your desired level of coverage.

Determine Your Shade :

Seint makeup only offers a limited shade range, so it’s essential to find the right shade for your skin tone. You can seek the help of a Seint Artist for expert advise on your color. The Seint may recommend products that involve mixing of several creams to achieve your skin tone color.

Embrace the Simplicity :

Seint makeup is designed to be a simple and quick routine, so try not to overcomplicate the application process. Follow the recommended steps, and remember that less is often more when it comes to Seint makeup. Most importantly, understand where the colors need to be placed in the face.

Invest in the Right Tools :

Using the right brushes and tools can make a big difference in how your Seint makeup looks. Seint offers specific brushes designed to work with their products, so investing in these brushes may help you achieve the best results.

Practice, practice, practice :

Like any new makeup product or technique, it may take some time to get the hang of using Seint IIID Foundation. Practice applying the products, experiment with different techniques, and be patient with yourself as you learn.

A Community of Women :

Remember that everyone’s experience with Seint makeup may be different, so it’s important to be open to experimenting and adjusting as needed. Luckily, you are not alone in this pursuit as there are already hundreds of thousands of happy Seint customers around.

Each issues may be unique to you but there is a good chance that it can be worked out! This site is dedicated to creating a knowledgebase for Seint makeup but you can look for support with Facebook groups too!

Knowledge is Power :

It’s crucial to do your research and weigh the potential issues before deciding whether to use Seint makeup or any other makeup brand for that matter. With Seint, we want to be transparent in terms of what to expect so you don’t feel overwhelm. 

Finally, as a Seint Artist, I want to empower women and help them save time with their beauty routine, so I am here with you every step of your Seint journey.

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