Seint Artist Program Overview

An Overview to the SEINT Artist Program

The Artist Program is the opportunity given by SEINT to everyone wishing to help others be their best and believe they are beautiful by sharing this make up to ladies in your circle.  Here are some of the many reasons why becoming a SEINT Artist is the right decision for you! 

Ground level opportunity!

We have less than 27,000 artists in the US and Canada. That’s nothing compared to 100,000+ consultants with other direct sales companies. Think about where the first 16,000 Mary Kay consultants are right now? Don’t you want the privilege of saying you’ve been here since the start?! 


No inventory! 

This was a huge plus, you will never have extra inventory that you can’t sell. Each artist will have their own personal website to sell the product and that is where your clients will order.


The product sells itself.

Cara, the founder of SEINT, has done an incredible job creating a great product that everyone wants along with branding that is very appealing to the eye.


You can make money as soon as you sign up. 

There are no sales requirements to receive commission. If you sell $10 each month, you will get paid 20% on that $10.


Our sisterhood is one of a kind. 

Do you know of any other companies that have a live video conference with their founder each week? Do they stay involved with the artists on a daily basis like Cara does? We have an incredible support system to help you with training or just encourage you when you’re having an off week.


Complete control of when and how much you work. 

Of course, the more effort you put in the more successful you will be. Whatever situation you may be in – a busy full-time student, a stay at home mom, a full-time employee – we can make SEINT work for you!


Love your makeup again!

This is huge! When you’re an artist you have the ability to play with makeup as much as you want. YOU GET PAID TO PLAY WITH MAKEUP!


You will always make a base commission of 20%.

But you have the ability to make up to 40% commission! DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY THAT IS?! 40%!


You get the opportunity to help women feel beautiful and confident in who they are.

SEINT accentuates natural beauty, it doesn’t cover it up. The satisfaction of that is worth more than any commission check ever will be.


You will help so many women save time, space, and money on their makeup routine.

Need I say more about this? Most women ditch having to put makeup in the morning because of how time-consuming and intimidating it can be. With SEINT, the process is simplified.


SEINT has the best guarantee.

30 day money back guarantee, if you did not like the product. Who else standby to their product like that? That is because we know you will love it!


My team (its’s the best!)

We offer excellent training and support on anything you could need (or want) to know including color matching, social media, rank advancements, & our commission plan.

With many women looking to simplify their beauty routine, become an advocate and what best time to join than now!