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The SEINT Artist Program is an opportunity given anyone aspiring to empower others to feel their best and embrace their beauty. By promoting the SEINT brand to women within your network, you contribute to the mission of fostering confidence. Discover numerous compelling reasons why joining as a SEINT Artist is the ideal choice for you!

See if Becoming a Seint Artist is for You!

Ground level opportunity!

We have less than 27,000 artists in the US and Canada. That’s nothing compared to 100,000+ consultants with other direct sales companies. 


Think about where the first 16,000 Mary Kay consultants are right now? Don’t you want the privilege of saying you’ve been here since the start?! 

No inventory! 

This was a huge plus, you will never have to keep an inventory that you can’t sell. Each artist will have their own personal website to sell the product and that is where your clients will order.


The product sells itself.

Cara Brook Killpack, the founder of SEINT, has done an incredible job creating a great product that everyone wants along with branding that is very appealing to the eye.


You can make money as soon as you sign up. 

There are no minimum sales requirements to receive commission. If you sell $10 each month, you will get paid 20% on that $10.


Seint Artist Perks

Our sisterhood is one of a kind.

Do you know of any other companies that have a live video conference with their founder each week? Do they stay involved with the artists on a daily basis like Cara does? We have an incredible support system to help you with training or just encourage you when you’re having an off week.


Complete control of when and how much you work.

Of course, the more effort you put in the more successful you will be.


Whatever situation you may be in - a busy full-time student, a stay at home mom, a full-time employee - we can make SEINT work for you!

Love your makeup again!

This is huge! When you’re an artist you have the ability to play and practice with makeup as much as you want. YOU GET PAID TO PLAY WITH MAKEUP!


You will always make a base commission of 20%.

But you have the ability to make up to 40% commission! DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY THAT IS?! 40%!


You get the opportunity to help women feel beautiful and confident in who they are.

SEINT accentuates natural beauty, it doesn’t cover it up. The satisfaction of that is worth more than any commission check ever will be.


You will help so many women save time, space, and money on their makeup routine.

Need I say more about this? Most women ditch having to put makeup in the morning because of how time-consuming and intimidating it can be. With SEINT, the process is simplified.


SEINT has the best guarantee.

30 day money back guarantee, if you did not like the product. Who else standby to their product like that? That is because we know you will love it!


My team (its’s the best!)

We offer excellent training and support on anything you could need (or want) to know including color matching, social media, rank advancements, & our commission plan.

What are the Incentives of a Seint Artist?

Incentives of Seint Artists come in many forms – retail discount, makeup credits and rewards.


The Reward Program is designed to celebrate artists at every step throughout their journey. The goal is for every Artist to feel recognized for their hard work, commitment, and contributions. 


Gifts rewards are earned by points system. Artists can earn points from their sales, the number of active downlines and the number of artists they signed up under them for the qualification period.


Level I Rewards

Earn at least 1000 points every month for a total of 4000 in a span of 4 consecutive months.


Level II Rewards

Earn at least 1500 points every month for a total of 12000  in a span of 4 consecutive months.


Upon reaching a new rank, Seint will reward you with a stunning piece of jewelry. The necklaces and rings can be stacked together to create a harmonious and exquisite ensemble.


Seint offers a variety of trips and events for their artists, including leadership trips, sales trips, reunions (conferences), team trips, and more. 


These opportunities allow artists to connect, learn, and celebrate their achievements together.

Artists are able to collect points for their sales and active downlines. And are able to select between two reward trip options. 

Option 1 is called “Paradise”

“Paradise” is a trip for those who love relaxing and soaking in the sun. Paradise will take place in early
spring each year.

Option 2 is called “Jet Set”

“Jet Set” is for adventure seekers wanting to see the sights. Jet Set will take place in fall each year.


Seint artists can choose between two options for their rewards: a 20% discount on all products or store credits for each makeup item sold. This benefit is in addition to the commission that Seint artists can earn.

How does an Artist Get Paid?


Seint Artists earn commission on every sale!

Seint Commission Bracket


Artists who train under them can earn 2-12% from their team’s sale.

How to Become an Artist?

Becoming a Seint artist is a straightforward process.



Go to the Seint website and navigate to the section for becoming an artist. Fill out the necessary information and complete the registration process. This may involve providing personal details and agreeing to the terms and conditions.



Seint offers training and events for artists to enhance their skills and knowledge. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about the products, techniques, and business strategies.



Once you’ve signed up, you can begin promoting and selling Seint makeup products. Share your unique referral link with friends, family, and potential customers to start earning commissions and rewards. Use social media to promote your business and make the sky your limit!

Which Kit Should You Select as an Artist?

Starting a Seint business can be an exciting venture, and having the right makeup kit is essential to kick start your journey. 


Seint currently provides three kit options, each containing samples of makeup in different shades. This allows you to familiarize matching your client’s skin tone and helping them find their perfect foundation match. 

Pro Kit
$450 USD
$630 CAD

Get $785 USD worth of products.

The Seint Artist Pro Kit is a highly comprehensive collection ideal for individuals embarking on their Seint journey and seeking to establish their own makeup collection.

Basic Kit
$225 USD
$315 CAD

Get $385 USD worth of products.

The Seint Artist Basic Kit offers a foundational selection for individuals looking to gradually build their makeup collection, providing the opportunity to add to it over time.

Essential Kit
$99 USD
$139 CAD

Get $160 USD worth of products.

 Essential Kit is perfect for anyone who already owns Seint’s products and has their own palette of personal makeup, and just needs a few more essentials to get started on their journey as an Artist. 

What's Included in the Seint Artist Kit?

Watch Cara in this unboxing video to see what’s included in your Seint Artist Kit.

Seint Artists Testimonials

Discover the experiences and testimonials of women who have become Seint artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Seint Artist?

As a SEINT Artist, you can assist others in seeing and believing in their beauty. You’ll empower them to understand, discover, and appreciate their own unique beauty. You get to share makeup you love, showing women how to enhance their natural beauty instead of hiding or changing it. There’s something special about recognizing the true beauty in ourselves and others.


What are the requirements to become a Seint Artist?

You must reside in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec), and there’s a monthly back office fee of $12.95 (or $15.95 for Canadians) to keep your personal Seint website. This fee also includes access to our Seint app every month.


Can I choose the products on my Artist Kit?

No, the Artist kits are put together in advance to make sure you receive your kit as quickly as possible. Your Artist kit will include a range of colors to help you become familiar with and start matching different skin tones right away.


How long before I receive my Artist Kit after signing up?

Plan on getting your kit within 5-7 business days. While you wait, we suggest logging into the app and exploring resources to learn more about Seint and the product.


What level of commitment is needed to be a Seint Artist?

Artists can invest as much time as their lives permit into their business. We always remind our Artists that the effort you put in reflects what you’ll get out, and being consistent is crucial! The decision is yours to make. Each journey is unique so most importantly, enjoy your journey as a Seint Artist.


Should I signup with a Sponsor?

It’s up to you, but many Artists decide to join with a sponsor for extra help and support as they begin their new business. Additionally, lots of teams have made their own helpful materials, tools, and training to assist new Artists beyond what the company offers during the onboarding process.



Can I move to another Sponsor or Team?

We can’t move downlines between teams for any reason because it affects the whole team when an Artist moves. That’s why we suggest you carefully choose and sign up under an Artist you feel a connection with.



Do I need to have big social media following?

No, you don’t need to be big on social media! Although it’s great, it’s not the only way to succeed. You can grow your business through face-to-face makeovers, referrals, word of mouth, hosting parties, and more. If you want to know more about using social media for your business, we have training for that too! You can run your business in the way that suits you best.


How much discount do Seint Artists get?

Seint Artists get a 20% discount on all products, except for some things like clothing and swag.



Do I need to build a team?

No, making a team is your choice. Some Seint Artists decide to build a team and increase their earnings through team bonuses, but it’s not a must. If you just want to sell the product you love, Seint pays up to 40% on sales, whether or not you build a team.



When do Seint Artists get paid?

You get paid for your personal sales every Friday. The pay covers orders from the week before, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday. Monthly bonuses are paid out on the 10th of each month for the previous month’s performance.


Can a Seint Artist sell to both the US and Canada?

Yes, customers from different countries are welcome! If a customer from Canada is ordering from a US Artist, make sure they select the Canadian flag in the lower left corner of the webpage. Similarly, if a US customer is ordering from a Canadian Artist, make sure the US flag is selected.



Can I build a team across both the US and Canada?

Yes, the way Artists sign up will be the same regardless of where the person signing up and the sponsor are from.


Can I signup as an Artist if I live outside the US and Canada?

Currently, no, but we are considering expanding globally in the future.


In which countries is Seint available?

United States and Canada. Soon to be available in Mexico, Australia and the UK.

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With many women looking to simplify their beauty routine, become an advocate and what best time to join than now!