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In this article, I explain the importance of being able to color match virtually and how answering my color match quiz can aid in finding the perfect shade. As a Seint Artist, I can create a customized palette tailored to your unique skin tone and features. Factors like skin undertones, selfie photos, lighting conditions, camera settings, going makeup-free in your selfie, skin conditions, and personal preferences all influence my color matching. Understanding these factors is crucial for the sake of accuracy. By taking my color match quiz, you can get personalized recommendations that is customized to your skin.

Flawless makeup that looks the most natural? That is totally achievable with Seint even without a physical store. Sure, it’s easy enough if you can visit a physical store like Sephora and Ulta and swatch the colors. 


But since Seint is only available online, I’ve gathered a list of options that you can take to help you  pick the right foundation colors.


How to get color matched for Seint makeup?

To be color matched for Seint, I give you 5 clickable options that will take you where you need to be. You can check which one suits you.

Answer the Custom Color Match Quiz

Take this quiz if you need custom color recommendations from an artist like myself. Custom colors may involve mixing and  matching the creams if needed. It also means customizing the lip+cheek and eyeshadows based on your preference or your natural features such as hair color and eye color.

Answer the Starter Palette Color Match Quiz

Take this quiz if you prefer the discounted palettes and need help finding which level will work for your skin tone.

Send a Selfie Photo to an Artist


Taking the color match quiz is as easy as answering a set of multiple choice questions, but sending your selfie photo for careful analysis is the best option. 


Find an Artist Near You


There are about 30,000 or more artists in the US and Canada, there is a good chance you live close to an artist so why not search for one? It’s the most personalized color match service, I am sure a Seint Artist from the neighborhood will be happy to color match you. 


Request for a Color Match from Seint Corporate


I almost didn’t want to add this option here but you deserve to know. That’s right, you can ask them to color match you. You will also need to send the right selfie before they can give a color recommendation.  


And I almost want to just skip this option because artists are qualified to do this and of course the commission! Please check my article why you should buy from an Artist. It’s totally personal decision but having an Artist has its benefits.


How do you match colors in Seint?

Understanding the significance of precisely matching your skin tone can make a world of difference in the final outcome of your makeup application. By taking the color match quiz, I can help you achieve the perfect color match for your skin tone.


The Seint color match quiz is an important tool for me to help you with finding your foundation match virtually. I take into account the unique characteristics of your skin, such as undertones, texture, pigmentations, the preferred coverage and skin conditions so I can provide a tailored color match. This is essential because makeup that is too light or too dark can make you look washed out or unnatural.


With the perfect color match, your makeup will enhance your natural beauty and make your skin look radiant. As a Seint Artist, I am a trained person with extensive knowledge of makeup products and application techniques. I’ll work with you to understand your needs and preferences, and recommend the best products for your skin.


What are Starter Palettes? 

The Starter Palette is a combination of colors specifically designed to complement your skin level.  This is a good choice if you are just getting started with a IIID Foundation. 


They are prebuilt so you just need to know your skin level and your highlighting and contouring skill. 

What are the Different Seint Collections?

Collection 4 is best for beginners who are just getting a knack on highlighting and contouring as this set only contains the basic 3D foundation.


Collection 8 is best for someone who is no longer a beginner at highlighting and contouring and wants to incorporate color correcting techniques as well as bronzing.


Collection 12 is for the advanced users who want to experience the full potential of this makeup. Additional makeup items included are illuminator, eyeshadows and an extra brush for a more precise makeup application.

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