Why do you need to buy from a SEINT Artist?

Why do you need to buy from a SEINT Artist?

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Before I tell you why you need to buy from a SEINT Artist, let me just explain a little bit how you would know you are buying from a SEINT Artist site versus the SEINT Corporate site.  


How to tell if you are buying from a Seint Artist?

You would need to check that the shopping link you are using has the Artist’s subdomain in it.  See the first illustration at the right.  My subdomain is studiobeaute so the presence of that ensures you are buying from my Artist shopping link.  


The second illustration is the corporate site.  Notice the lack of my studiobeaute subdomain?  Sometimes there is a www subdomain, and that still belongs to the corporate’s site.  So there, just want to point that out for you.


Where can I buy Seint products?

As you may know, Seint is only available online, much like a Mary Kay.  It is a direct-selling company  and have a network of independent consultants aka Seint Artists or Affiliates who offer virtual or in-person consultations and sell the products through Seint’s company website. 

Benefits of buying from a Seint Artist

Buying Seint products from a Seint Artist (also known as an independent consultant) has a few benefits:


  1. Personalized Service: A Seint Artist can provide one-on-one consultations and help you select the right products for your skin type, tone, and desired look. They can also provide personalized application tips and advice.

  2. Convenience: Seint Artists offer virtual or in-person consultations, making it easy for you to get the products you need without having to leave your home.

  3. Product Education: Seint Artists are trained in the use and benefits of Seint products and can help you understand how to use the products for best results.

  4. Community: Buying from a Seint Artist allows you to join a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in beauty and self-care.

  5. Support Local Businesses: Buying from a Seint Artist supports a local small business owner, who can offer personalized and attentive service.


Can I still buy Seint products without an Artist?

Note that while purchasing Seint products from a Seint Artist has these benefits, it’s also possible to buy Seint products directly from their website, seintofficial.com

Ultimately, the decision to buy from a Seint Artist or directly from the brand will depend on your personal preferences and needs. But, let me explain a little bit about how Seint affiliates or Independent Consultants are compensated.  First, Artist will get a commission of at least 20% from  your purchase.  Artist loses the commission when you buy from the Corporate site and that is just the saddest! 

Seint Artists are your beauty partner

Artists are here for you every step of the way.  We are real people who will support you if you have questions.  We do trainings to give you the best makeup experience possible, to give the closest color match (find my post here about color match)  and suggest or advice you products you may need.  These suggestions all come from hours of training and product testing that we do on our free time so we don’t only suggest based on what we read but also based on what we experienced first hand.  Think about maintaining this site, this takes hours upon hours to continue to create blogs and posts to keep you updated.  

So, if you buy from my SEINT Artist site, rest assured, I am there by your side!  


 Jo (the artist behind StudioBeaute.Co)

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This site is supported by the friends of StudioBeaute.Co. When you purchase through my links, I may receive commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I personally vetted.

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