Is Seint Makeup for All Skin Types?

seint makeup for all skin types
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Seint Makeup is for All Skin Types

Table of Contents

Can Seint work for your skin type? From acne-prone to oily or dry, our skin type is something that we all struggle with. But what if I told you that there’s a way to embrace genetics and customize your skin care and makeup routine to suit your skin type? 


In this article, I can share to you some insights  to effectively manage your skin and get Seint to work for your unique skin type. Whether your skin tends to be oily, combination, or dry, as hardly any of us possess normal skin, Seint makeup is for all skin types and I can show you how. 

Understanding Your Skin Transitions

Skin undergoes various stages – starting with oiliness, then transitioning into combination skin, followed by normal skin, and eventually becoming dry.


Before puberty sets in, the skin is usually perfectly balanced and demands only gentle nurturing. With the onset of hormonal changes during teenage years, individuals often experience increased oil production on their skin; however, as we enter our twenties, this tendency diminishes and only the T-zone area remains prone to oiliness.


Understanding the skin transitions help us properly handle them so you can adapt to your Seint makeup with ease.

Oily Skin

Oily skin has been associated with adolescence, as it is caused by hormonal activity that stimulates the production of oil in the glands. Oily skin is particularly susceptible to blemishes.

For many women with oily skin, the instinctive response is to resort to harsh products in hopes of completely eliminating any trace of oil. However, it is more important to adopt a more delicate approach as your skin tends to be excessively active. Experiment with milder products and techniques, and you will witness positive changes.

Signs that you have oily skin

  • your skin is always greasy or shiny
  • you rarely feel dryness or tightness
  • you have open, often large pores on the face, especially in the t-zone
  • you are prone to blackheads
  • makeup seems to slide off
  • makeup shine comes through it

Do’s and Don’ts for Oily Skin


  • use scrubs or your Seint Masque more than once or twice a month
  • use alcohol-based toners or any other harsh type products; use Seint Milk Toner instead
  • forgo the moisturizer; maybe use less but do not skip at all
  • use cleansing brushes daily, which can overstimulate the skin; Seint Reusable rounds is a gentler option
  • use sunbed treatments as they can also stimulate the oil production
  • expose the face in the sun for too long as the skin will produce more oil as a defense


  • cleanse with a gentle, non-alcohol based Seint Milk Cleanser in the morning and at night
  • moisturize in the morning and night with a lightweight, oil-free Seint Milk Moisturizer including the t-zone
  • use products with antiseptic and calming ingredients such as tea tree, lavender, chamomile, sage, cypress or rosemary
  • wear sunscreen, opt for gel-based or spay-based sunscreen with SPF 30 or above
  • remove your sunscreen before reapplying it as layers of sunscreen can trap dirt, grime and sweat on your skin
  • spritz some Seint Setting Spray to curb oil and to hold the makeup in place so the makeup last all day
  • use Vanilla Dust Setting Powder to set your cream foundation and absorb extra oil

Combination Skin

Combination skin is a unique and often frustrating skin type that combines both dry and oily areas. The oily T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin, is a constant battle against excess sebum production and frequent breakouts. On the other hand, the cheeks are dry and sometimes flaky, requiring extra hydration to prevent discomfort.

Managing combination skin requires a delicate balance of Seint products and skincare routines. It’s crucial to avoid harsh cleansers or toners that strip away the natural oils from already dry areas while exacerbating oiliness in others. 

Signs that you have combination skin

  • your t-zone is often shiny, but your cheek feels tight
  • you have oiliness or breakouts along the jawline
  • you can’t describe your skin as oily because it is dry in other areas

Do’s and Don’ts for Combination Skin


  • use harsh products, mostly with high level of alcohol or acids, that can strip away natural oil and leave you feeling dry
  • think that you need two sets of products for different areas; tackling combination skin is as much about technique as it is about product
  • skip the moisturizer on the t-zone


  • swap out the heavier cleansers like oil and balms for a gentler option such as Seint Milk Cleanser or wash.
  • find a moisturizing product like Seint Milk Moisturizer that is suitable for your whole face and that is neither too rich nor too light
  • apply generously on drier areas and lightly on the oilier areas
  • use scrub and Seint Masque to no more that once every 2 weeks or you will risk overstimulating your skin
  • apply light antiseptic products on the t-zone
  • use eye product and serum when you see the first sign of ageing in that area
  • use daily SPF of at least 30 

Normal Skin

This period frequently coincides with the highly fertile stage. Your skin condition is balanced – neither excessively active nor lacking in activity – and the goal is to maintain that equilibrium for as much time as feasible. The good news? You don’t require a complex routine in any way. 

Signs that you have Normal Skin

  • it’s difficult to actually observe the pores
  • you do not experience a lack of moisture, but you also do not have any shine
  • the makeup has good longevity and stays in place effectively
  • there really isn’t any concern on your skin

If you possess this skin type, consider yourself extremely fortunate as it is incredibly uncommon. Your skin closely resembles that of a young child, therefore, cherish and take care of it accordingly. However, bear in mind that its condition may not stay the same indefinitely; normal skin often transitions into a drier state as time passes. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Normal Skin


  • be convinced that you need to purchase costly skincare products or follow a complex routine – simple steps like the Seint Skincare Trio of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin on a daily basis, as well as exfoliating with Seint’s Microfibre towel or rounds and using Seint Masque once a week, is sufficient for you.
  • believe that you can expose your face to the sun just because you have healthy skin. You are not immune to the harmful consequences. The negative effects will inevitably catch up to you at a later time.


  • Opt for cream makeup for added moisturization.
  • Simply use Seint as toner.
  • Try cream products like Seint
  • Use an SPF; it is crucial for preserving the health of your skin.
  • Pamper yourself with beauty treatments, both at home and at salons; enjoy a DIY face treatment as frequently as once per week.
  • Consider incorporating an eye cream or neck cream into your skincare routine. The areas around the eyes, upper lip, and neck tend to be the initial areas that exhibit signs of aging. 
If you experience a dramatic change in skin type, this can be a medical marker that you need to get checked out. lf you suddenly develop raging acne, boils or start sprouting excess hair, or your skin becomes very dry, flaky and uncomfortable for no apparent reason, then you should always get checked out by a doctor.

Dry Skin

Dry skin oftentimes come with age. Mature skin tends to become more dry. And this is where most mature women are categorized as.


Signs that you have Dry Skin

  • your face often feels tight and uncomfortable, almost as if it doesn’t fit properly.
  • after you have washed your face, you have an immediate urge to apply moisturizer.
  • you lack a shine or oily appearance.
  • your face feels like it’s absorbing your make-up and  disappears quickly
  • although your pores might be unclogged, you do not have any blackheads or blemishes (or maybe only experience occasional breakouts)
  • your skin appears lackluster.
  • you’re drawn to rich, comforting textures, for instant relief
  • skin reacts rapidly to changes in weather or central heating, resulting in increased dryness
dry skin

Your skin is not as active as it should be, so you need to boost its action It requires more care than certain skin types, but thankfully, by utilizing appropriate methods and adding products, you can achieve the look of healthy and radiant skin.

Have you ever experienced the sensation of your moisturizer being absorbed by your skin? When it comes to dry skin, the need for hydration is intense, especially when it is also dehydrated. 


Dry skin is a result of the reduction in the production of your skin’s natural oil/sebum. As a result, your skin lacks the necessary moisturization to maintain its flexibility and a radiant appearance. When the surface cells of the skin are dry, they do not reflect light evenly, resulting in a dull and lifeless appearance. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Dry Skin


  • ever go without moisturizer.
  • use harsh toners – opt for the mild products such as Seint.
  • use clay-based masks as they are drying, opt for Seint Masque instead.
  • invest in a variety of moisturizers, just use the ones you have and apply generously and regularly. 


  • opt for cream cleansers such as Seint Milk Cleanser 
  • use richer products, more often: oils, butters, creams, serums, even your makeup should be cream-based such as Seint.
  • apply your Seint Milk cream and let it sink in, then apply again
  • learn to layer products. If you solely rely on a moisturizer, you might not achieve the desired level of hydration; apply a few drops of facial oil and/or serum beforehand. Experiment and personalize until you find the ideal level of comfort for yourself.
  • use Seint Masque and exfoliants. These products are highly beneficial for individuals with dry skin, as they encourage the production of oil from inactive glands. 
  • Make sure to apply sufficient SPF (at least SPF30, preferably SPF50); individuals with dry skin are more susceptible to visible signs of aging.
  • Keep in mind that for dry skin, the more, the better. 
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