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In recent years, the beauty industry has taken significant steps towards inclusivity and diversity. However, many women of color, particularly Asian women, still struggle to find makeup that caters to their unique skin tones and textures. SEINT Beauty is a brand that aims to change that by providing makeup products that are specifically designed for women of color.


Cara Brook, a makeup artist, noticed the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. She decided to create a brand that celebrates natural beauty and provides products that enhance, rather than mask, a woman’s unique features. SEINT Beauty believes that every woman is beautiful and that makeup should be used to highlight their individuality, not to hide it.

Makeup for Women of Color

Makeup tutorials can be a great way to learn how to enhance your natural beauty while learning new makeup application techniques. If you’re looking for a tutorial specifically made for women of color, you’ll love this one. This step-by-step guide will provide easy instructions and tips on how to use their products for the best results.


What is Seint?

Seint, formerly known as Maskcara Beauty, is a makeup brand that is known for its unique approach to makeup application. Instead of traditional makeup products, Seint offers a line of cream-based products that are designed to be applied using a technique called “HACing” (highlighting and contouring”).


Why Seint is best for women of color?

One of the main reasons SEINT Beauty is so popular among women of color is because of its Shade Range. The brand offers a variety of shades that cater to a wide range of skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest. The IIID foundation, concealer or color corrector, and blush products are all formulated to match the undertones of women of all color, ensuring that they blend seamlessly into the skin. 


What are the ways Seint caters to women of diverse skin tones?

Seint’s mission is to make sure no one is left out when it comes to finding makeup that matches their unique complexion. The brand offers an extensive range of shades, from light to deep, that are designed to match any complexion. 


Here are some ways Seint caters to women of diverse skin tones:


Multiple shades of foundation:

Seint offers a range of foundation shades that cater to women of light, medium, and deep skin tones. The brand offers up to 19 shades of foundation that are designed to match a variety of undertones.


Cream-based products :

Seint’s cream-based products are formulated to blend seamlessly with the skin, creating a natural-looking finish. The products are highly pigmented and can be blended together to create a custom shade that matches the wearer’s skin tone.


Prebuilt palettes for every skin tone :

Seint offers pre-made palettes that helps women find the perfect shade of foundation whatever skin color they may have. From the lightest to the darkest of skin tones, there is something that will match every skin tone


Customizable Palettes :

Seint’s makeup palettes are customizable, allowing women to choose the shades that work best for their skin tone and desired look. The palettes come in different sizes and can be filled with a range of products, including foundation, blush, highlighter, and contour.


Message of Inclusivity :

Seint is committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. The brand’s website and social media channels feature women of different skin tones and body types, encouraging women to embrace their natural beauty and normalize diversity in the beauty industry.


Enhance, Not cover :

Another unique aspect of SEINT Beauty is its focus on creating natural-looking makeup. The brand’s products are designed to enhance a woman’s natural features and give them a subtle, glowing look. Rather than covering imperfections, Seint is about embracing and enhancing one’s beauty.  This is particularly important for women of color, as traditional makeup aims to cover, losing one’s natural beauty.


Something for everyone :

SEINT Beauty also offers a range of products that cater to different skin types and textures. For example, the brand’s Setting Spray is perfect for women with dry skin, while the Vanilla Dust Powder is ideal for those with oily skin. This shows that the brand is committed to creating products that work for all women, regardless of their skin type.


Makeup Tips for Women of Color

As a woman of color, you may feel like it can be hard to find makeup that caters to your unique skin tone and texture. Fortunately, Seint Beauty is here to provide the perfect solution to make it easy for everyone to do their makeup.

Here are some makeup tips for women of color when using Seint products:


Find the right shade:

Seint offers a wide range of shades, so it’s important to find the one that matches your skin tone. To do this, you can use the shade match tool on the Seint website or consult with a Seint artist.


Prep your skin:

Before applying Seint products, make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. This will help the makeup go on smoothly and evenly.


Use a primer:

If you have oily skin or want your makeup to last longer, consider using a primer before applying Seint products. This will help to smooth out your skin and create a barrier between your skin and the makeup.


Apply in natural light:

Seint products are designed to look natural and blend seamlessly with your skin. To achieve this, it’s best to apply the makeup in natural light so you can see how it looks in different lighting conditions.


Use a light hand:

Seint products are highly pigmented, so it’s important to use a light hand when applying them. Start with a small amount and build up the coverage as needed.


Blend well:

Seint products are designed to be blended together for a seamless look. Use a blending brush or sponge to blend the products together and create a natural-looking finish.


Experiment with different shades:

Seint products are versatile and can be used in different ways. Try using a darker shade to contour your cheeks or a lighter shade to highlight your brow bone.

Remember, the key to achieving a flawless look with Seint products is to practice and experiment. Don’t be afraid to try new things and find the techniques that work best for your skin type and complexion.


Conclusion : Seint is also for Women of Color

Overall, SEINT Beauty is a brand that is dedicated to empowering women of color to embrace their natural beauty. With its diverse shade range, natural-looking makeup, and commitment to inclusivity, SEINT Beauty is a brand that every woman of color should try. Whether you’re looking for a subtle glow or a bold statement, SEINT Beauty has the products you need to enhance your natural beauty.

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