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Studio Beauté was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, where languages spoken are French and English.


Studio Beauté is a combination of the Canadian English word “Studio” and French word “Beaute”.


 Studio refers to a place (virtual or physical) used by Artists for creative  expression such as photography, music or art creation.


Beauté translates to Beauty


 Studio Beauté translates to Beauty Studio, a dedicated space supporting women be the best version of themselves, embrace their natural beauty and enhance it as a form of artistry



Here at StudioBeaute.Co, our goal is not just about makeup and hair. We want to create a safe place where beauty is seen in a broader sense, taking care of ourself inside and out.


My approach to beauty is holistic. I cherish the essence of every person, nurtures beauty from within and out. Every action, every creation, resonates with my belief that true beauty blooms in harmony with body, mind, and soul.

This belief aligns with all the brands that StudioBeaute.Co represent. We are all beautiful no matter what, we all are a masterpiece of our Creator! And we aim to enhance our natural beauty with products that represent our values. And that we all deserve access to affordable, clean products because our health and family comes first.

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