About StudioBeaute.Co

Welcome to StudioBeaute.Co! ❤️

My name is Jo Velarde, I am the face of StudioBeaute.Co, a passionate mom of 2 dedicated to helping women look and feel best using Seint.

At StudioBeaute.Co, we first believe that beauty is more than just skin deep. We believe that true beauty comes from within, and we strive to help women feel confident and empowered in their own skin. 

seint family

“Beauty connects us.
It transcends time and knows no boundaries.
Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves
and the world around us is a sacred work.
And that work—our work—is beautiful.”

This belief aligns with Seint (formerly known as Maskcara Beauty), a cosmetics company that offers a unique makeup system that emphasizes natural-looking, customizable coverage for women of all ages and color.

seint beauty before after


We are all beautiful no matter what, we all are a masterpiece of our Creator! And we aim to enhance our natural beauty instead of covering it with too many layers of makeup that no longer represent us. And that we all deserve access to affordable, clean cosmetics because our health and family comes first.

“We see beauty in every face.
Our mission is to preserve and nurture it.
Everything we do and everything we create
is based on what we believe in”


As a Seint artist, I am a member of a community of independent beauty consultants who represent the Seint brand and its products. 


I offer personalized color matching and after sales support to my women. I also offer tutorials and love to hear stories of empowerment from the women I luckily cross path with.

“That beauty matters.
That helping others look beautiful is nice,
But helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing.”

I interact with and make friends along the way. I coach women with their own beauty business.


The best part of what I do is earn extra on the side while looking and feeling good, thanks to Seint! Reward trip is just the icing on the cake!

“Beauty is not our creation;
Beauty is our passion.”

seint artist

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