Is SEINT a good makeup?

Is SEINT a good makeup?

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I kind of get asked about this all the time and I just wanted to share an honest opinion about the SEINT makeup.  First of all, what are our standards to qualify a makeup as good, better or best?  I am not a makeup artist by profession, but I do have a passion for sharing and promoting beauty to my fellow female species.  Why, because I love everything beautiful, hence, the love for makeup.  

But what is a good makeup really?  

To me, the number one factor is it should  be free from toxins, and I wanted just the clean, high-quality ingredients.  What is a reputable testing company other than EWG or Environmental Working Group have to say about its rating?  That is one quality that trumps everything – cleanliness of the ingredients!  I put it in the most important skin in  my body which is the face so it better be the cleanest and the best!

Next, to me is the ease of use.  I am a busy mom and everything that save me time is a plus! Did I tell you I love wearing makeup?  I do, because it makes me feel good.  A makeup that I can put on quickly and easily is the next quality I look for in a makeup.

Then, comes the feel of it.  What do I mean by that?  Did you ever experience feeling heavy and sticky in the face for wearing the wrong makeup?  That’s another quality that I look for.  I like a makeup that don’t feel sticky and heavy at all, no icky feel.  Also, something that can be removed easily at the end of the day.

How about looking natural wearing it?  Instead of me looking like I got my face dipped in flour, how about a makeup that enhances my natural tone instead of mattifying my face or too powdery white?


And a plus is if a makeup will not clutter my makeup bag.  I am a neat and tidy person so clutter is a big NO!


I guess I could write on and on about what I like in a makeup but you know what, I found it all in SEINT.  And that is really honest. If there is anything I don’t like is that women will not hear about SEINT, because they could are certainly missing out.


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