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The Seint Black Friday Sale is here! From November 24th to 27th, let’s snag luxurious skincare and exclusive fragrances at jaw-dropping prices.


Craft your wishlist and have a strategy set, and be ready to conquer the deals. Whether it’s their Holiday Fragrance Collection or discounted Rose Gold brushes, do not miss out.


First thing you should do is stay tuned as I share insider tips and must-haves for mastering this year’s sale. Let’s dive in and save big together!


Let the Anticipation Begin! Seint Black Friday Sale is Here!

Previewing Seint’s Best Deals

I’ve got the inside scoop on the best deals you can snag during Seint’s Black Friday Sale, which you won’t want to miss! As a savvy shopper, you understand the value of a well-timed purchase, and Seint’s offerings this year will surely be pleasing without breaking the bank.

Seint’s Holiday Fragrance Collection

With six limited edition scents, is a standout at $135 USD or $189 CAD for a collection. Each individual mist is also discounted, perfect for those looking to indulge in a signature scent for the festive season.


Each fine mist is also available for individual purchase if you just want to add one or two new scents to your collection 🫶 See fragrance details below.


Seint No 1 Fragrance Fine Mist: A scent of sentimental floral perfection, layered with fruity notes and a vanilla undertone.

$25 USD | $35 CAD


Seint No 2 Fragrance Fine Mist: A heavenly scent that combines sparkling citrus, sweet tuberose, and smooth sandalwood.

$25 USD | $35 CAD


Seint No 3 Fragrance Fine Mist: A delicate fragrance made of amber, dewy freshness, and a hint of white musk.

$25 USD | $35 CAD


Seint No 4 Fragrance Fine Mist: An alluring blend of base notes including coffee and cocoa, complemented by the delightful scents of almond, samba jasmine, and tuberose crystal.

$25 USD | $35 CAD


Seint No 5 Fragrance Fine Mist: A delicate fragrance of peach and airy jasmine that evolves into a rich coconut and creamy macadamia nut, all wrapped in a layer of vanilla, heliotrope, and musk.

$25 USD | $35 CAD


Seint No 6 Fragrance Fine Mist: A delicate blend of white florals combined with notes of amber woods and exotic musk, topped with rich, decadent vanilla.

$25 USD | $35 CAD

15% OFF on Highlights, Illuminators and Skin Care

Don’t overlook the 15% off on highlights, illuminators, and skincare products that can rejuvenate and illuminate your complexion. Time to restock!

25%-40% OFF on Brushes

Upgrade your tools with 25% off rose gold brushes and a whopping 40% off silver brushes, ensuring your makeup application is flawless.

Rosebud Collection

For a touch of elegance, the Rosebud Collection, encased in a velour bag, includes essential grooming tools at an attractive price point.

50% OFF on Match and Candle Duo

And for the home, the 50% off Match Set and Candle Duo is an irresistible offer, infusing your space with a serene ambiance.

Must-Have Items on Sale

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of Seint’s Black Friday Sale, let me tell you about my favorite finds and why I love them.


My absolute favorite is the Holiday Fragrance Collection. It’s a set of amazing scents at a price that’s hard to resist. Whether it’s for a gift or just for yourself, these fragrances are a unique and limited-time treat.


And then, there’s the Rose Gold Brushes, now at a great 25% off. These aren’t just tools; they’re like an upgrade for your makeup routine, making application super precise and enhancing the whole experience. It’s a deal you don’t want to miss!

Pair these with the 15% discount on all skincare products, and you’re not just saving money; you’re elevating your entire beauty routine.


Then, there’s the Silk Set. This trio of a Queen-sized pillowcase, headband, and hair ties isn’t just about luxury; talk about preserving the integrity of your hair and skin while you sleep.


And let’s not overlook the Rosebud Collection, a chic set of grooming tools at a price that’s also hard to pass up.

Treating yourself to amazing skincare line from Seint has become easier in the pocket this Black Friday. 


This is the time to make your skincare routine even better and use top-notch products that’ll make your skin look fantastic. Don’t forget to grab this special chance at Seint’s Black Friday skincare sale.

Tips for Shopping the Sale

Strategy is key when tackling just about any Black Friday Sale and Seint is no different. In the past, it will take you half an hour before you are able to checkout due to technical difficulties, I hope it is better this year!


But, you being here is a big step as I’ve got insider tips to ensure you snag the best deals. First off, prioritize what you want most.


With the release of the Holiday Fragrance Collection and exclusive items like the Rosebud Collection, make a list to target these first. It’s about quick decision-making; and don’t hesitate or second-guess choices because time is of the essence.


Also be ready the moment the sale goes live. Set a reminder if you must for November 24th at 12 am MST, ensuring you will be one of the first to access the deals. As an experienced shopper, I know that the best items sell out fast, and I’m not about to miss out because I slept in. Haha!

Moreover, stay informed about the sale terms. I’m aware that Black Friday deals are final purchases and that discounted items aren’t returnable. This means, review your cart carefully before checking out, confirming that you’ve selected the right shades and products. Ask for a color match now so you are ready before the sale!

Lastly, factor in the extended return policy for non-discounted items, giving flexibility with gifts. By shopping smart, you can maximize savings and secure all my must-haves from Seint’s Black Friday Sale.

Pre-Black Friday Parting Word

Be ready to snag the most divine deals at Seint’s Black Friday Sale!


Haul holiday fragrances, luxe skincare, and those coveted brushes, and feel utterly pampered.


My advice? Dive into the sale early, grab those exclusive bundles, and save big.


Whether you’re a beauty veteran or a newbie, this sale’s a treasure trove.
Trust me, your vanity will thank you.


Here’s to sparkling savings and a season scented with joy!


  • Seint’s return policy time frame for products purchased between November 2nd – December 24th is extended through Wednesday, January 24, 2024 for Seint store credit only. 
  • For orders returned within 30 days of delivery, our standard return policy still applies. As a reminder: discounted items are final sale and are not eligible for returns. 
  • Black Friday deals are final purchase and are not available for refund or store credit. Black Friday discounts cannot be stacked in combination with hostess rewards.
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