Is Seint MLM a Scam?

Is Seint MLM a Scam or a Legitimate Business?​
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Is Seint a Scam? Is Seint an MLM?

Is Seint MLM a Scam or a Legitimate Business?​ And is it for you?

Multilevel Marketing or MLMs have gained bad reputation over the years, typically because MLM is oftentimes associated to pyramiding scheme. 


While it’s true there is a similarity, pyramiding or Ponzi scheme is illegal while MLM is not. In fact, there are numerous companies that have proven to be successful at adapting the MLM model such as Herbalife, Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, to name a few. 

Fact : Seint is an MLM and it is a Legal business model

Myth : Seint is a scam

MLM vs Pyramiding Scheme

Fact : MLM business can be profitable but it requires hard work

Myth : MLM business is always profitable and successful

MLM and Network Marketing

There will always be stigma around MLMs. Hence, the term Network Marketing was born. This is to bring MLM into a more positive light. 


This is a depiction of a typical Multilevel Marketing. One can mistakenly think of this as a pyramid scheme because of how the organizational structure resembles that of a pyramid.
This is a sample of Network Marketing model to break the stigma of traditional MLMs

How can one join the Seint network

Anyone can join the network, there is no requirement other than being the age of majority and living in the USA and Canada.


The people above your tree are your uplines. Those are the people who joined before you.  People who join under your tree are called downlines.


With Seint, you can join the network without being placed in a tree. 


That means, you don’t have an upline (also called as sponsor) and you’re on your own. Not having an upline means you won’t have a mentor, your learning of the business’ ins and outs are all yours to undertake alone. But you can still enroll people under you. You will get an enrollee bonus by doing so because you will be responsible for bringing them onboard and mentoring them about the business.

Fact : You can be a Seint Artist and you can choose to have an upline or not

Myth : You need an upline to be a Seint Artist

Ways to Earn within the Network

As with any MLM, and this is no secret, the advantage is always with the first to join the network of affiliate marketers, which Seint call as Artists


This is because when you have people under you, you earn commission from their sales, and being one of the first joiners, you have secured your place at the top. 


Not that you can’t be successful being at the bottom but your only way of generating income is through your personal sales.



With Seint, you are able to earn 2 ways:

  1. All sales will allow you to earn at least 20%. It can go up to 40% when you reach certain commission brackets which goes up as your sale goes up.
  2. You can earn 5% on your first level downlines or your directs. Then 3% for your second level downlines and so on.

So, given how much commission one can earn from the product, it explains why Seint beauty products are more expensive than drugstore brands. With a product that takes about $2 to manufacture, the market price can go up to $15 since MLM companies need to pay a good portion to their network marketers. 


Even though Seint does not have a big marketing team, Seint Artists replace them and in return earn commission from sales.

Fact : You can earn as a Seint Artist by building your team and selling products

Myth : The only way to earn with Seint’s MLM is by recruiting

Reasons Seint Took the MLM Path

There is actually a good reason why Seint took their business to network marketers. Seint founder, Cara Brook, made the decision to offer the business model to regular, everyday women who have the entrepreneurial passion. 


Even though big beauty companies such as Ulta and Sephora made an offer to showcase her products into their stores, she chose to give the earnings to a network of women than to corporations.

  • Instead of recruiting individuals solely for the purpose of building a downline, Seint focuses on training its artists (reps) to become experts in its products and offer personalized makeup consultations to customers. 
  • This approach allows artists to build genuine relationships with their clients and provide them with tailored recommendations rather than simply pushing product sales.
  • In this way, Seint sets itself apart from other MLMs by prioritizing customer satisfaction over recruitment quotas.

Fact : Seint Artists aims to build connections and trust with it’s customers 

Myth : Recruiting is more important for Seint Artists

How you can promote your Seint MLM business

You may have noticed how the MLM industry has evolved over the years, with companies incorporating technology and social media to expand their business, and shifting their focus from traditional in-person selling to online platforms. 


Seint affilitate marketers can now start and manage their businesses from the comfort of their own homes. In the olden times, MLM people thrive on selling to their circle of friends, family and referrals. They collect payment in person and pay to a remote office. 


But now, with the advancement of technology, advances the MLM businesses too. 


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become essential marketing tools for Seint Artist


They can use these platforms to create brand awareness, connect with potential customers or team members, share product information through live demos or stories, even collect customer color match information using a form online.


Most importantly, artists can simply direct customers online to make a purchase of the Seint products.

Fact : You can build a team and sell products online, the world is your audience and possibilities are endless

Myth : You are constrained to just a small network

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