Seint Artist Program 7th Anniversary

Seint 7th anniversary
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In just seven years, the Seint Artist Program has remarkably expanded its network to include thousands of passionate beauty advocates, all dedicated to redefining the makeup experience.


As we approach the program’s 7th anniversary, your exclusive invitation to celebrate this milestone is not merely a nod to the past, but a gateway to the future of beauty and entrepreneurship.

The 007 Mission

This January17th, immerse yourself in a day where beauty and business converge, offering not only a toast to our collective achievements but also a sneak peek into the innovative products and opportunities poised to elevate your Seint business to new heights.


Prepare to be captivated by what lies ahead, as Seint reveals what’s next for artists who have turned their passion for beauty into a thriving venture. Enter 007.

Mission Briefing Overview

Agents, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Seint’s 007 anniversary celebration, complete with thrilling games, exclusive Seint products, and groundbreaking announcements.


As a Seint artist or aspiring makeup artist, you’re at the heart of this event, as memorable as the introspective lyrics of a seasoned singer-songwriter.


Your presence isn’t just requested; it’s essential. You’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere where beauty meets innovation, celebrating the mission that Seint stands for.

New Artist Incentives

When you dive into your Seint career, as a new Artists signing up during the 007 Birthday Party celebration, you will be rewarded with exclusive, themed makeup kits and tickets to an upcoming virtual event – LOVE!


Imagine beginning your journey with the chic 007-themed IIID Pro Palette 40 or the sleek IIID Palette 18, each designed to inspire your inner secret agent of beauty.

Plus, with a LOVE Basic Ticket in hand, you’re all set to connect, learn, and celebrate at our not-to-be-missed virtual gathering.


This is your chance to gear up with Seint’s cutting-edge cosmetics and become part of a community that’s passionate about beauty and empowerment. 


Seize this opportunity to kickstart your Seint business with style, and remember, it’s only for those who sign up on January 17th—so mark your calendars!


Use the hashtag #seint007 to share your excitement and get ready to be spotlighted on our social platforms. You’re not just joining a program; you’re stepping into a role where your beauty business takes center stage. Welcome to Seint, where every day is a mission to enhance beauty and confidence.


Your new adventure awaits!

Exclusive Anniversary Gift

Celebrate with New Product Releases

Celebrate the Seint Artist Program’s anniversary in style with products that add a touch of luxury to your makeup collection.


As the program turns seven, you’re in for a treat with a range of limited edition items designed to glam up your beauty routine.

Imagine wielding the sleek 007-themed IIID Palettes, shimmering like a starry night and perfect for curating your makeup masterpieces.


These aren’t just palettes; they’re your secret weapons for customizable beauty, available only while supplies last.

But that’s not all. Get ready to indulge your lips with the Birthday Lip Oil, a nourishing concoction that leaves a radiant shine and a delectable birthday cake scent. 

Pair it with the Seint 007 Fine Mist or the Seint No 7 Solid Perfume to envelop yourself in a captivating fragrance that lasts all day.

Don’t miss the Double Agent Palette, a soft pink marvel, perfect for keeping all your essentials stylishly secure.

Complete your celebratory look with our For Your Eyes Only Collection featuring four new eyeshadows – Spectre, Skyfall, Golden Eye, and Strawberry Fields. Whether you opt for the deep tones of Spectre or the romantic hues of Strawberry Fields, your eyes will be the ultimate statement of celebration.

Join the festivities and revel in beauty with Seint’s anniversary collection – your ticket to a year of unforgettable glamour.

Pamper your lips with Diamonds are Forever, a sheer pink, ultra hydrating lipstick with glitter. Enriched with a natural blend of hydrating oils and Vitamin E, this lipstick locks in moisture for soft and smooth lips, while its pearlescence adds an extra radiant shine. Enjoy the look and care it brings to your lips, day after day. 

Keep your brushes clean and fresh with our tea tree-scented Brush Cleansing Soap. This essential refill not only rejuvenates your brushes, but also promotes an eco-friendly approach by reducing packaging waste – a smart, and cost-effective choice for your makeup routine. This will be a staple product moving forward- it’s here to stay!

Mission Accomplished

As the Seint Artist Program’s 7th anniversary unveils on January 17th, you will be reveled in the 007-themed glitz and glam. You’ve joined forces with fellow agents, grabbed exclusive products, and welcomed groundbreaking news.


With special gifts secured and #seint007 moments shared, you’re ready to continue the mission. Here’s to another year of beauty, intrigue, and success.


Keep your spy gear close, agent, and stay fabulous. The world of Seint awaits your next move. Cheers to year seven!


Mission accomplished, for now.

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