How safe are SEINT’s products?

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Find out how safe are SEINT's products according to the Environmental Working Group or EWG

There is a growing concern over the safety of beauty products, with many consumers looking for brands that are transparent about their ingredients. SEINT is a company that is committed to being clean and safe, using only natural ingredients in their products. This is such a relevant question and one that comes up more and more, so it is great to know that there are companies like SEINT out there who are dedicated to providing quality products.


The use of petroleum in everyday products is something that many people are unsure of. Many believe that petroleum is a questionable ingredient, as it is made up of chemicals. Thankfully, SEINT’s refined white petrolatum is fully processed and free of harmful chemicals making it a much safer product to use. It’s a great choice for skin care products, beauty products, and even cooking!

Here’s breakdown:

Contours contain 7% petrolatum
Highlights contain 8% petrolatum
Lip/Cheek contain 23% petrolatum

how safe are seint's products

What is Petrolatum?

Petrolatum is an excellent occlusive ingredient – it forms a barrier over skin, which is especially helpful when skin is irritated or wounded.

Why is refined petrolatum important?

Petrolatum, or petroleum jelly, derived from petroleum, is often used in personal care products as a moisturizing agent. When properly refined, petrolatum has no known health concerns.


What is EWG’s rating for Petrolatum?

EWG or Environment Working Group is an American environmental organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands, and corporate accountability. Petrolatum rating from EWG is Fair.

Editorial about the safety of SEINT's products:

Seint (formerly Maskcara Beauty) has created a mission to make women feel beautiful inside and out, instead of a platform of safer skincare.

Seint: safe & simple

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