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SEINT Palettes

SEINT Makeup comes in flat tins so you can customize your magnetic palettes to your liking.  All makeup creams, lip+cheek, highlight, contour, and even perfume,  all comes in tins for easy and neat storage.  The palette is magnetic so your tins will hold up nicely in place.


There are several kinds of palettes based on design and number of tins it can store.  The basic anyone can have is the 4 tins palette.  This is what we mostly suggest if you are just starting out with SEINT.  If you just want to have a feel of the SEINT product.  


As your makeup collection grow, so is the need for a bigger storage.  SEINT palettes can also have 1 to 3 layers depending how big a storage you may need. 


Can you imagine all your makeup need stored in just one compact? If you are a neat freak, SEINT definitely is a good match for you!


Start building your makeup collection using the palette builder.


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