An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey

I first heard about Maskcara from my friend Genie, who’s also my upline. She posted about her becoming an artist, and that got me curious. When I think of artists, I imagine people who paint, sing, or sculpt – all kinds of artistic things. 


Later on, I discovered the term “Seint Artist.” “Right!”, I said to myself. Makeup could also be an art form, and I wasn’t skilled at it. In fact, I admired women who could create complicated makeup looks, but I was just a basic makeup user. For me, foundation, lip color, and eyebrows were enough.

When my friend invited me for a makeover to show off her newfound makeup hobby, I realized that makeup isn’t as complicated as I thought. I was ready to order my first palette, but then I decided to learn more. And, that’s how I became a Seint Artist.


I am Here for the Makeup Artistry Skill

I chose the basic Seint Artist Kit simply because it’s the cheapest. I didn’t want to invest too much without knowing if it would work for me. That’s the amount I was willing to lose – it’s like investing money you’re okay with losing on risky ventures. That’s how I felt when I signed up.

After signing up as a Seint Artist, I attended various trainings from my uplines (take note, my upline’s uplines, like there are 3 of them), not just about makeup but also about running a business. 


Business wasn’t my priority, but I said to myself, I will think about it later if it’s worth pursuing. Before marketing the makeup, I wanted it to impress me and it need to work for me so I can genuinely promote it. If not, I could drop the business, no problem at all!

Since makeup was my main interest and what brought me here in the first place, making a sale is not my priority so I put the business aside. I immersed myself in learning color matching and troubleshooting. I wanted to gain makeup artist skills to apply to myself and achieve a well-put-together look.
I am here to learn makeup artistry

When my upline mentioned that the makeup should “blend like a dream,” I didn’t understand. Later, I learned that with the perfect color match, the makeup blends into your skin, not altering your tone. It mimics your natural skin tone as if you’re not wearing makeup and neutralizes skin discolorations.


Seeing is Believing, I am No Different

When I became a Seint Artist, I just wanted to learn to put on makeup and master the art. But using it made me truly believe in the product. In the first few years, I focused on learning makeup, and later, I studied the business side. 


In college, I was an Avon consultant, choosing it for its affordability. I sold mostly to friends and family without cold selling because everybody knows the brand. 


Now, in the present day, I barely know the Seint brand (previously Maskcara) and for sure not a lot of women know about it either.  It’s relatively new to the market. Despite the challenge of a new brand, I share it anyways – to close friends, family, coworkers, church friends, classmates.

Seint Makeup for Women of Color like Myself

But it’s MLM

understand Seint operates on an MLM structure, but it’s definitely not a Ponzi scheme. You get paid for your sales, trust me, I do get paid for my sales. 


The MLM part is building a team of Seint Artists, which is optional. It’s optional because its totally up to you, you are not forced to do it to earn an income. It’s just another option you may consider especially if you are not new to social selling. 


When you enroll someone under your team, you’re responsible for training them, just like my uplines trained me. And so, you get a portion from their sales. You get compensated for your effort of building a team.


And the Journey Continues

Today, I continue to blog about this product and create tutorials and announcements, hoping to let the world know. I believe it simplifies beauty routines, saving busy women their time. The product is clean, because I don’t want to see ingredients I can barely read or understand. This is what I need for my aging skin – more moisturization that cream makeup brings.

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