The Seint Artist Program is Ending

As I sit here reflecting on the recent turn of events, I find it hard to believe that another story is unfolding before me. Just two days after I shared my thoughts on the controversies surrounding Seint, the company has made yet another unexpected move that has left me reeling.


The Only Thing Inevitable is Change

So, late last night, after just coming home from a joyful Canada Day celebration, Artists like myself received a correspondence from the Seint corporate office. 

The news was a big blow to the Artist Program, the very foundation on which many of us have built our livelihoods, is being abolished.

By October 1st of this year, the Seint Artist Program will be replaced by the Seint Affiliate Program. This means that I will no longer be a Seint Artist, but rather an Affiliate.

After careful consideration and with a heartfelt commitment to our mission and values, we are sharing important news that signifies a major milestone in our journey together.

Effective October 1, 2024, Seint is transitioning our Artist program from a direct selling model to an enhanced affiliate commission structure and program.

This transition of the Artist Program to an enhanced affiliate model signifies a pivotal shift that aligns perfectly with our vision and values. It enhances our focus on delivering exceptional beauty products that inspire confidence and happiness, simplifies the income structure for earning potential based on sales and the impact made in spreading the beauty and benefits of Seint products, empowers Artists with flexibility to manage their growth independently, and sets the stage for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Also, late last night, I jumped into a Zoom call with our uplines to make sense of these changes, but the impact was already sinking in. 

The new program will strip away the teams, the network of uplines and downlines, the very essence of the MLM model. The company if moving away from the bad raps that MLM brings, is my guess. By October, it will be solely about products and sales, with no room for recruitment or commissions from building a team.


A Win for Seint

As with any other business, the competition is fierce out there. And the beauty niche is one very competitive space. So business need to evolve or die. They need to position themselves as a company to win.

The news hit like a sledgehammer, especially for the women who have poured their hearts and souls into building their teams. 

I sympathize with women I look up to as leaders.

I ache for the women who have been my guiding lights, my uplines, the leaders who have embarked this journey to train new joiners. For some, this was not just a side gig, but a full-time employment.

I heard one of my uplines express her devastation, realizing that she stands to lose 98% of her income from her downlines. I can imagine the adjustments that will be required, making a shift from team building into selling.

One upline has said “I was hoping I would wake up and this would all be a dream… “


Bringing More Focus on Sales

The commission on sales will remain similar, with some bonuses for high performers, but the focus has shifted. It seems that corporate is now rewarding sales and redirecting the commissions from uplines to those who bring in more sales to the company.


My Heart Goes to My Women

The sense of loss is one thing, and the weight of uncertainty hangs heavy in the air. I find myself still numb from the shock of it all. Life has shown its unfairness once again, you just never know when it’s going to hit you.

But amidst the despair, I hold onto the belief that this too shall pass, and the resilience of these women will prevail. They will emerge from this storm stronger, their spirits unbroken.

As I write these words, I send my deepest sympathies to the women who have been impacted by these changes, and I hold onto the hope that they will find the strength to navigate this new chapter in their journey.

There will be more progress to this story in the coming days. Once I know more, especially how I will navigate about this change, I’ll keep you all updated so follow me along.

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