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A Makeup Palette Just For You

Crafting your own custom makeup palette with Seint, if you’ve never done before, is truly an exciting experience. Instead of settling for pre-built palettes that only offer a limited selection of shades you truly enjoy, customizing allows you to embrace your creativity and create a palette that truly represents your unique identity.


If this is your first time, the challenge usually is getting started. But, look no further as I will be your guide in creating your very own custom makeup palette! I have a few pointers so you’ll have your perfect palette in a breeze!

Assess Your Makeup Needs

We all have different needs and preferences, and it’s no different with makeup. Assessing your makeup needs is the first step towards creating a custom makeup palette that suits you perfectly. Here are a few things to think about:


  1. Start by deciding the coverage you desire – whether you prefer a natural, light coverage for everyday wear or a full coverage for special occasions, or both. 
  2. Consider the specific looks you want to achieve with your makeup. Are you someone who loves bold and colorful looks, or do you prefer a more minimalist and neutral style? 
  3. Think about when and where you plan to use your makeup. If you’re someone who attends formal events frequently, having a few glam options in your custom palette would be ideal. On the other hand, if most of your days involve casual outings or work settings, creating an everyday makeup palette with versatile shades would be more suitable.
  4. Your palette, your rules. Remember, building a custom makeup palette is not about following trends but rather creating a collection that reflects your individuality and serves your unique needs. 

Choose Your Palette Size and Design

If you’re someone who is just getting started, I normally recommend a smaller compact with some room to grow.  Small compact is best for portability as they fit easily into any bag, making touch-ups effortless throughout the day. But as your collection grow, a bigger palette is best.


Use a smaller palette for everyday use, and keep all your collections in a bigger palette.


Design on the other hand is a personal choice. Gladly, Seint offers a wide range of design to suit individual preferences. And because Seint palettes are magnetic, this allows you to easily switch out shades or refill your favorite products, making it a cost-effective choice for creating your own custom palette.

Select Your Basic Shades

Highlights and Contour (HAC) aka 3D Foundation

I would suggest that, at the very least, you should include four essential shades in order to achieve a 3D effect: main highlight, brightener/pop highlight, contour, and blush.


If you’re an advanced user, a camo color (usually a darker highlight) helps tone the skin and provide coverage, is highly recommended. 


Not sure which shades suits you best? Just fill up the color match form and as a Seint Artist, I have a trained eye to perfectly match you to your color!

Bronzer is Your Friend

Additionally, if you enjoy having a tan even in the winter, it would be beneficial to include a bronzer in your custom makeup palette. 

Shine brightly with Illuminator

If you desire to achieve a glowing and radiant look, I recommend incorporating an illuminator into your custom makeup palette.

Eyeshadow Drama

If you are not doing eye makeup, you are really missing out. If this intimidates you, you will be surprised how you can look like you’re a pro without the complexity. The secret here is the eyeshadow brush.


Add 2 to 4 eyeshadow colors, and do not skip the shimmer option. Adding shimmer to your eyeshadow collection can provide a touch of sparkle and dimension to your eye makeup looks.


If you’re unsure of the colors, I can recommend basic eyeshadows to complement your eye color.

Adding Statement and Accent Colors


Now that you’ve selected your essential makeup shades, you can further personalize your palette.


This is your chance to try something new. It might be a vibrant electric blue eyeshadow for a bold and edgy look, or a shimmery rose gold illuminator for a touch of glamour.


You can also experiment with unconventional lip shades like deep plum or vampy red. 


Or better yet, incorporate a solid perfume to your collection? 

Organize and Arrange Your Palette

To ensure proper storage of your customized makeup, group the shades of the same finish together. 


For example, powder makeup such as eyeshadow and illuminators are best stored together. 


Meanwhile, cream makeup like the highlight, contour and lip and cheek should be placed together.

Watch this short video for tips to see on how to organize your compact.

And, finally...

Congratulations! If you reached this part, you are now ready to craft your own customized makeup palette with Seint. So get started on creating a makeup collection that is uniquely yours – it’s time for beauty that goes beyond boundaries!

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