The Cheetah HAC (Highlight And Countour)

Here are some makeovers using the Cheetah HAC (Highlight And Contour) Technique. Colors are applied using the fingertips then blended using your favorite SEINT brush.

Cheetah Hac Before During After 3
Cheetah Hac Before During After 2
Cheetah Hac Before During After 1
Cheetah Hac Before During After 4

No need to layer the makeup!  SEINT is not your traditional foundation where you put your makeup layers by layers.  With SEINT, only one layer of makeup is needed. Just put the color into their designated locations.

Spots resemble the appearance of cheetah prints in the face!  Then blend them when all the colors are in place.  I like that you can never go wrong with this makeup.  As long as you put the right color to where they belong and you will see the result is astonishing.

Isn’t that very easy? Do you think you can do that?

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