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Seint is a breath of fresh air!

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Hi! My name is Dr. Patty Ann Ford and I live in Southern California, in between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, a city called Redlands! I’ve been an artist with Seint for 5 years

I originally joined Seint to have a little fun. At the time, I had a full time job as a registered dietitian for a large hospital, owned my own practice, and taught at colleges part time. I was busy! I also had a busy 3 year old son, a home and a husband. We had been through some rough years of infertility and the makeup looked so fresh, so easy and the time to connect with other women was what I really wanted. I had no clue that at the time the community of women was what I actually needed.

After my first conference in 2018 and seeing women working this as a business, I began to see how I could run my hobby as a business. I began to prioritize time working with my customers, my team and saw the potential of direct sales as an income. The freedom to work from anywhere was appealing! Balancing my time was tricky yet I believe when you want something, you can make it happen.

In 2022, I officially quit my full time registered dietitian career at the hospital and poured into creating my Seint business as a part of my private practice to support women in how they can feel beautiful. The encouraging community of women at Seint and the fun still are my favorite parts of this business and a priority to maintain. I have and will continue to call being a Seint artist a breath of fresh air

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