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seint testimonial carrie
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I don't have to edit pictures to look good!

I used to HATE being photographed up close because I would spend a good hour doing my makeup only for it to turn out like the photo on the left. 


I would take tons of pictures to find the “perfect one” and then put a filter on it so I would look better. 


I only wore makeup for special occasions because I felt I looked better without it (aside from blush, on concealer and mascara). 

I wanted to be able to wear makeup and have it add something special to my skin. Instead, I’d be left with enhanced creases, pores and texture. I would end up feeling insecure wearing it! I truly love this this makeup and what it adds to my features. I haven’t had to edit ONE picture since making the switch and I am so PROUD to be a part of this company and to be selling it.

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