Seint testimonial : Lara

Seint testimonial : Lara

Aging backwards with Seint…..I’ll take it!

Old Versus New Makeup

The best part about being an Artist is that I get to help women feel better about themselves through the use of this makeup. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and retired trauma RN. I may not be working as a nurse anymore, but helping people has always been my passion.



My journey with Seint started as a customer three years ago, but after seeing the potential to help others, I decided to become an Artist in January 2022. I have had the honor of doing many in-person makeovers, which has allowed me to get to know lots of women that I may not have otherwise met. For some, it is truly about learning a new makeup routine, but for most, it is a time to share about their life and struggles. If their time with me offers them the tiniest bit of positive affirmation, every second with them was well spent.


Old Vs New

With this photo, when another woman commented, “Can anyone verify that this is in fact legit? I have to admit it looks too good to be true. She looks like a different person”.


Lara’s straightforward answer was, “Ha! Well, thank you so much for the compliment. It is in fact, me, and is 1000% legit. No filters and all good skincare and Seint. Thanks, again!”


“Oh, how I love my skin and this makeup in natural light. It’s crazy to me how I spent most of my life wearing traditional makeup that I hated to see in natural light.”


Lara Natural Light

“Love that I can do such a simple and soft look while still feeling put together. “

Seint Quick Makeup

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