What are Seint Demi Correctors?

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What is DEMI?

Table of Contents

A breakthrough (thanks to SEINT!) in the world of makeup, we are proudly introducing – DEMI!!!  Demi uses Color Technology to cancel out skin discolorations.  


When applied, skin imperfections become much less apparent or don’t appear at all.  Unlike the Seint’s IIID foundation, it is only applied where there is discoloration.  Most of the skin in the face are untouched.

An Intro to Demi

Seint Demi Palette
Seint Demi Palette

Demi Corrector is a carefully calibrated, highly saturated cream color (think about highly pigmented cream almost like opaque).   


Because the color is highly-pigmented, it is strategically applied with a featherlight technique using the small end of the Demi brush .  


Then, the extra colors are wiped off by a light sweeping motion with the more dense side of the brush. Much of the skin remains intact, resulting in an undetectable makeup that lets you enjoy the hidden beauty of your face.

How do you use Demi?

Use a Seint brush to apply a touch of Demi Corrector directly to the areas or spots on your face that will require color correction without any layering.

Who is Demi For?

Demi works best for those who want a lightweight formula that still provides ample coverage or someone who doesn’t wear makeup at all but needs certain areas covered. 


It’s an ideal choice for those who don’t like heavy foundations that feel caked on—the light-to-medium coverage of Demi means you can still have flawless skin without looking overdone. 


Additionally, the long-lasting wear ensures your look stays put throughout the day, so you won’t have to worry about touch ups or reapplication.

Here are some of Demi Corrector's Before and Afters

Want to know more about Demi?

Submit a photo here for Demi color match and let me know your trouble areas.

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