Why I signed up for SEINT?

It’s true that beauty industry is already saturated with a lot of products promising to create the transformation many women desire. But, isn’t it a wonder why I was not deterred by it? Rather, I saw a vast opportunity with SEINT. SEINT’s idea is gold! First, to really enhance beauty, we do not need to cover it!  I am a firm believer that we do not need layers upon layers of makeup to achieve the look we all desire.  It won’t look natural and I call it putty on the face look! Second, SEINT’s time-saving makeup routine is a game changer!  I noticed that by doing layers, it is more time consuming.  So, with SEINT’s one layer makeup, accenting the bright spots and shadowing the low spots is all we have to do! Think about how many women will benefit this time-saving makeup routine.  Think about my mom friends, who like me, struggle to find time for beauty routine in the busyness of the day!  Third, the process of putting makeup is complicated and SEINT simplified that.  Think why we hire Professional Makeup Artists to do our makeup?  Because they have the training to properly put on those traditional makeup.  With SEINT, we put the makeup like painting by the numbers!  You can never go wrong with it.  And the result is like a professional did your makeup! No one would be able to tell!  The secret is also in the brushes, they are highly recommended! 

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