Seint Color Correcting Techniques

Unlock the secrets of flawless looking skin with Seint's color correcting techniques! Learn how to apply, blend, and perfect your makeup like a pro.

As the cosmetic industry continues to evolve, enhancing one’s natural beauty is still the common goal. Seint Beauty understands the individual needs of women and offers a cutting-edge way to make you look flawless with its innovative color correcting techniques. Whether you want to neutralize redness, cover acne or vitiligo, or brighten up dark circles under your eyes, Seint has the perfect product for the job.


The idea behind Seint’s color correcting technique is understanding the undertones of each creams. Color correcting helps even out skin tone and banish discoloration using very thin application of the cream prior to applying your IIID foundation. The ultra-blendable cream work together to create a beautiful canvas that’s ready for IIID foundation application. When used as part of an overall routine, Color Correcting with Seint can take your complexion from dull and uneven to radiant and glowing in no time at all!


The Art of Color Correcting : Get that Flawless Look!

As part of Seint’s range of highlights, contours and lip+cheek colors, the creams can serve another purpose – Color Correction! This is done by color correcting the areas of concern prior to applying the main highlight color to create a flawless base and even out skin tone. Here we will be discussing some of the common skin conditions and the suggested Seint color correcting creams. 



Over all Redness

Color correct with June highlight.  June has a green undertone that can neutralize redness.


Stipple Aspen on large, hyperpigmented area. Can also work on Vitiligo!

Moderately Dark Eye Circles

Dab under the eyes with Frenchie lip color before applying your brightening highlight.  The orange tone in Frenchie would lighten the under eye darkness.

Severe Dark Eye Circles

Dab under the eyes with Scarlet lip color before applying your brightening highlight.  The red will color correct severe dark eye circles.


Apply Mango highlight over rosacea area then apply your main highlight on top.  Mango highlight is the most versatile in correcting most discolorations.


Even out melasma by applying Bella bronzer on large area


Color correct freckled area with Baby Watermelon lip color prior to applying your main highlight


Spot correct using the tip of a line brush with Aspen contour.

Find the Right Color : Understanding Undertones

Now that we are familiar with the basics of color correction, the next step after color correction is the IIID foundation application. To ensure the foundation is true to your skin color, let’s have a deeper look at how undertones takes an important role here. 


Undertones refer to the subtle underlying hue beneath your complexion – either pinky-red, yellow based or neutral tones – which will affect what colors you should use when applying your makeup. Knowing how to identify and work with different skin tones is essential for achieving a seamless blend of color from highlight through blush and contour – and this is where Seint’s IIID foundation comes into play.



This article will guide you with Seint highlight and contour colors you should consider when planning to buy one.  Remember that going a shade darker is recommended for main highlight and a shade lighter for the brightening highlight.  And it is best to have more than 2 highlights that you can mix to achieve your true color!

Warm  Undertone

  • The veins in your wrist are green
  • You tan in the sun
  • You look better in gold jewelry

Cool Undertone

  • The veins in your wrist are blue 
  • You burn in the sun
  • You look better in silver jewelry

Seint Color Correcting and IIID Foundation

In conclusion, learning color correction is a handy technique for creating a flawless complexion. By understanding the principles of color correction, we are now ready to take a deep dive into Seint’s IIID Foundation. This knowledge will help us better understand how to create the IIID look by choosing the right products for our skin tones. With this knowledge in hand, we can confidently apply our Seint makeup with ease and confidence. There may be a learning curve, but it all worth it in the end!

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