How to Enhance Your Feature with Seint Highlight and Contour (aka HAC)
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How to Enhance Your Feature with Seint Highlight and Contour (aka HAC)

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I. Introduction

II. What You Need

  • Required products
  • Recommended tools

III. How to Highlight

  • Choose the right highlight shade
  • Apply highlighter on specific areas of the face
  • Blend the highlighter properly

IV. How to Contour

  • Choose the right contour shade
  • Apply contour powder on specific areas of the face
  • Blend the contour powder properly

V. How to Blend HAC

  • Blend the highlighter and contour powder together
  • Use a blending brush or sponge

VI. HAC Tips and Tricks

  • Use HAC to create the illusion of a slimmer face, sharper jawline, and more defined cheekbones
  • Adjust HAC based on the occasion and lighting

VII. Conclusion

  • Recap of the importance of knowing how to HAC
  • Encouragement to practice HAC techniques.

Do you want to try out Seint IIID Foundation aka highlight and contour aka HAC, but don’t know where to start? I’m here to share with you all my top tips on how to enhance your features using this Seint makeup technique.


Seint’s highlight and contour or simply HAC is Seint’s ultimate technique for sculpting your face and bringing out those gorgeous cheekbones. With just a few simple steps, you can take any ordinary look from dull to dazzling in minutes! Plus, it’s totally customizable – so whether you’re into subtle looks or bold statements, there’s something for everyone.


So if you’re ready to learn some of my favorite tricks for achieving that beautiful glow, read on! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to transform yourself into a show-stopping beauty with minimal effort. Now let’s get started!

Definition Of Highlighting And Contouring

“The old adage of beauty being skin deep is true in more ways than one! Highlighting and contouring are makeup techniques used to enhance the features of an individual’s face. They work together to define a person’s facial structure, helping them achieve their desired look with the help of cosmetics.

Highlighting involves applying lighter shades of makeup products such as brightener and main highlights to bring out certain areas on your face like cheekbones or eyeshadow.


Contouring uses darker colors such as bronzers and shadows to reduce the size of prominent parts of your face, like wide noses or chubby cheeks.


Both highlighting and contouring can be done using creams, powders, liquids, gels, sprays and sticks depending on personal preference. With these two simple but effective tools in hand, you can make subtle changes that will go a long way in accentuating your best features without looking overdone!


It all starts with understanding what works for you; knowing which tones suit your complexion helps create the perfect canvas before going further into creating the final look.”

Seint Creams and Tools Needed For Highlighting And Contouring

Before you can start highlighting and contouring your face, there are a few creams that you’ll need to achieve the perfect look. The most important items in your makeup arsenal are an angled highlight brush, a round contour brush, Seint highlighting creams to brighten and to cover, Seint contouring cream, and your Seint lip+cheek color.

An angled brush is great for applying highlights while the round contour brush will help create precise definition along the jawline and sides of the nose. A brightener highlighting cream will bring out an inner glow while the main highlighting cream will provide sheer coverage. On the other hand, a contouring cream gives more intense color when defining areas like cheeks and forehead. Finally, use Seint’s lip+cheek creams to bring warmth to the face.


Now that you have all these essential products ready at hand, it’s time to start using them correctly!

Technique For Applying HAC

Now that you have all the necessary tools, it’s time to get started! Applying main and brightening highlights and contour correctly is key for creating a natural look. Here are some tips to help you master your technique:

When applying a brightening highlight, use an angled brush and start at the undereye, forming an inverted triangle. Sweep up along the bridge of your nose, across the temple of your forehead and over any other areas where you want to add a bit of radiance. Remember to be light-handed with this step; too much product can make your face appear cakey or unnatural.

A highlighting cream in shades that match your skin tone provides for a full face coverage.

For contouring, use a round brush and apply the darker shade slightly below the area where you applied highlighter—think hollows of cheeks and sides of nose—to create shadows on certain features.  To keep things looking natural, choose colors that mimic real shadows like taupe and browns.

Lastly, apply the cheek color just above the cheekbones.


Technique For A Flawless HAC

Creating a flawless HAC can be intimidating, but with Seint’s cream products, you’ll soon learn how to HAC like a pro! To make things easier for yourself, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the basics:

1) Prep your skin. Before applying any product, cleanse and moisturize your face well. This will ensure that your HAC has a clean base and lasts all day long. Use a primer before HAC if you prefer.

2) Choose the right brush. For an even application, use an angled side of the the IIID brush or beauty blender—this allows you to apply just enough pigment exactly where you want it without making mistakes.

3) Select the appropriate shade of product. For main cream, choose one that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone in order to use less product. Choose a shade lighter for the brightening cream. And for contour, choose one that creates a natural looking shadow.  Lip+Cheek cream is more of a preference, choose one that your heart desires.

Also, to get your shades right, you may opt for a Seint Artist to help you.  Simply fill this color match form.

4) Apply lightly and blend thoroughly. Don’t forget to work from lightest to darkest; this way there will be no harsh lines visible once everything has been blended out. To achieve airbrushed results, soften edges by blending into the highlighter applied previously. With a few easy steps you can easily enhance your features while still keeping it looking natural!

Different Shades Of Products Depending On Skin Tone

To achieve the best results with highlight and contour, it’s important to choose shades of product that match your skin tone. For dark skin tones, you can use deep brown or black hues for contouring, while lighter complexions should opt for taupe shades instead. And when it comes to highlighting, those with darker skin will want to reach for an ivory shade while fair-skinned people may benefit from a gold hue. No matter what color your complexion is, always remember to start off lightly and build up gradually—blending thoroughly as you go along!

The right combination of highlight and contour shades can make any feature stand out in bold relief – so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect balance for yourself! With trial and error (and some practice) you’ll soon learn how to create stunning effects that enhance your natural beauty even further.

How To Make A Feature Stand Out With Highlight And Contour

Highlight and contour can do wonders for your features—but it’s important to get the right combination of shades in order to make them stand out. According to a recent survey on makeup trends, nearly 66% of women believe that highlight and contour are essential techniques for enhancing their facial features.

It’s also important to note that when doing HAC – too much of either one may lead to an unnatural look. The key here is balance – finding just the right amount of each product so that your feature stands out without being overly obvious about it. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon learn how to enhance your features in subtle yet stunning ways!

Benefits Of Using Highlight And Contour

Using Seint’s HAC technique can help you achieve a naturally sculpted look without having to rely on heavy makeup. Not only does it enhance your features, but the process also helps improve your complexion by adding definition and giving skin an overall natural glow.

The great thing about this technique is that it’s super easy to do! Seint’s complete foundation is composed of 4 shades of cream products – one lighter than your skin tone for brightening, one darker shade for contouring, one that matches your skin and one for your blush.

Seint’s HAC is a fantastic way to make subtle changes to your appearance while still looking like yourself – just more put together! Whether you want a more defined bone structure or just want to give yourself an extra boost of confidence before going out, this simple technique gets your makeup routine done in 5 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Seint’s foundation called Highlights And Contour?

Seint’s highlights and contour is what makes up the foundation. The idea is that our face is not single toned so wearing single toned foundation won’t be sufficient.

HAC is more close to the colors in our face and are for adding dimension back into your face! With single toned foundation, you lost the dimensions in your face.  HAC creates natural-looking glow and shadows in the face and because HAC is done in one layer, you get the full coverage of the foundation.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Choosing The Right Shades Of Seint Makeup?

When it comes to contouring and highlighting, choosing the right shades of products is key. Getting your highlight and contour just right can help ensure you have enhanced features that look natural. So it’s important to make sure you are selecting the best shades for your skin tone.

When picking out shades, there are a few things you should consider:
• Figure out what undertones your skin has – warm or cool tones?
• Choose matching foundation and concealer shades first before moving on to other products
• Select colors that will be most flattering with your hair color and eye color
• Try different formulas of product until you find one that works best for you
• Look at swatches online to get an idea of which shade range would work best for you

By taking these steps into consideration, you can narrow down which shades will give you the desired effect without looking too overdone. If unsure, go a shade darker for main highlight so as not to use too much product. Plus, don’t forget about blending! Blending well is essential when applying any makeup base so that everything looks even and seamless.

So don’t let finding the perfect shade intimidate – as a Seint Artist, I can get you color matched so you can be sure of your shades!

What Type Of Brushes Should I Use For Highlighting And Contouring?

When highlighting and contouring, it’s important to use the right brushes and tools. When it comes to contour products, a good brush or tool is essential for creating sharp lines. Contour cream is matte in texture, the angled side of the IIID brush made from synthetic bristles won’t absorb too much product. For highlighting areas of your face, choose fluffy side of the IIID brush. You can also use Perfector sponge or beauty blender for blending out harsh lines created by contouring products.

No matter what type of makeup application you’re doing, having quality makeup brushes on hand makes all the difference! Seint professional-grade HAC tools as these will help ensure even application and better results. Investing in quality brushes isn’t just more hygienic – they’ll last longer than cheap drugstore options too! So don’t skimp on the basics – invest in some good quality highlight and contour tools.  Last but not the least, keep your brushes clean with Seint Brush Cleaner to get rid of extra creams in the brush and get a flawless makeup finish every time.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Contour And Highlight Products?

Removing Seint contour and highlight products can be an easy task. You want to make sure you get everything off without over-drying your skin or stripping away all of its natural oils.

The best method for removing contour and highlight creams from the face is using a wet microfibre cloth. This should still effectively take off any makeup residue. Start by wetting your microfibre cloth with lukewarm water and wiping off cream from face.  For stubborn areas, continuously wipe off the area until all traces of the product are removed. Massage Seint cleanser into your face in gentle circular motions. Make sure to use only a small amount of product so as not to overwhelm your skin.

After you’ve finished cleansing, don’t forget to apply the toner and air dry.  Finally, apply Seint moisturizer to keep your complexion hydrated and nourished. With this simple process, you’ll have no trouble taking off even the most hardy contour or highlight product from your face!


Seint’s Contouring and highlighting is a great way to enhance your features, whether you are looking for something subtle or dramatic. The key thing is understanding Seint’s HAC techniques and products to use so that you can achieve the look that you desire without overdoing it. With a little practice, you too can be an expert in creating beautiful contours and highlights!

The first step is getting comfortable with trying out different products and shades to find what works best for your skin type and complexion. Be sure to invest in quality brushes as they will make all of the difference when it comes to blending everything together seamlessly. Additionally, start off gradually by applying less product at first so that you can build up as needed until you reach your desired look.

Finally, don’t forget about properly removing these products once your makeup routine has been completed. Seint’s gentle cleanser should do the trick.  First, reach for Seint’s soft microfibre cloth to ensure that all traces of product have been removed from your face. By following these simple tips, I’m confident that everyone will soon be able to master their own HAC skills using Seint!


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