Earn Free Makeup Through the Loyalty Links!

If you’re a Seint makeup user and looking for ways to earn credits from your purchases, read on. Or if you’ve been wanting to try Seint makeup and want to make your first purchase free, this is also for you! 

Steps To Earn Free Makeup

Get a Loyalty Link (aka Party Link)

As a Seint Artist, I can create you a Loyalty link, also called Party Link. Before I can create you one, make sure to sign up to my Seint site. Click here to take you to my Seint website.


After you signed up, give me a nudge by sending me an email to hello@studiobeaute.co. Just put Loyalty link in the subject so I know what to do next!


Note: It is important that you create your account using my shop seintofficial.com. If you have an existing account with another artist, you will need to sign up again with a different email.

Earning Your Credits

When someone makes a purchase using your link, you will earn credits on the sale. 


As you continue to promote Seint Beauty products and generate sales through your loyalty link, the bigger the credits you will get.


Here is a sample tracker you should see in your Seint account:

Your loyalty link lets you earn up to:

  • maximum of $500 store credits (20% of $2500) 
  • 4 items that are 50% off 

Sale of less than $2500 allows you to earn 10%, 12% or 15% credits on the total sale.  And 1 to 3 items that are 50% each.


Closing Your Party Link

When you reach a certain reward tier (minimum 1 and maximum of 4 tiers), you have the option to close your link and claim your rewards. Just click the button “Close Party and Checkout”.


My advice when you’re closing your party is to maximize the purchase in your link (up to $2500) and claim the maximum rewards.

Loyalty Links FAQ

This should be a quick process, a day tops! Just sign up to my Seint website, and drop me an email so I can create your link right away. In no time at all, you’ll be on your way to earning free makeup!

There is no time limit as to when your link can stay active. When you maximized the sale in your link, you do not have to close your link right away. You can request for a new link by contacting me. As easy as that!

No, getting a Loyalty link for Seint is free for all. It’s free forever.

Unfortunately, no. The rewards only apply to products bought and not on taxes and shipping, those are costs you will need to pay.

Unfortunately, not all the products can be purchased through the Loyalty. Those are the bundles or collections, new releases and swags.