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The Art of Seint Color Matching

Color matching makeup virtually is a process of finding the right shade of foundation, concealer, or other face makeup products for your skin tone and undertone. Virtual color matching is becoming increasingly popular because it offers several advantages:


  1. Convenience: You can color match from the comfort of your own home without having to go to a store.

  2. Time-saving: You don’t have to spend time trying different shades in-person or waiting in line to be assisted.

  3. Accurate results: With virtual color matching, you can use a variety of tools and techniques, such as skin tone quiz, image recognition, or color matching technology, to get an accurate match for your skin tone and undertone.

  4. Avoid waste: By getting an accurate match, you can reduce the likelihood of buying the wrong shade, which can result in waste and frustration.

Seint’s virtual color matching is a useful tool for those who want to find their perfect makeup shade but don’t have access to in-person consultations. It’s also a great option for those who are self-conscious about trying on makeup in-person or who want to keep their beauty routine private.

See How a Seint Artist Gets Your Shade Just Right!

If you’ve been newly introduced to SEINT IIID foundation, you might be overwhelmed with color choices for your personalized palette. Luckily, as an artist, I spend countless hours training to help you find your perfect match.

To be color matched, I do the following:


  • Request you to complete a colour match request form  (click here), which includes basic information about your skin and concerns. eg. discoloration and hyperpigmenation
  • Request for a natural light makeup-free selfie that shows your face and upper torso as much as possible
  • Set up your SEINT account (if you haven’t done so) using the information provided so that you can easily login and checkout with all recommended items
  • Send you a personalized face map and cheatsheet
  • Follow up after a few days to make sure there are no questions or to schedule a HAC (click here to learn more) class if you purchased the makeup.

Ready to be color matched?

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