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halloween looks using seint
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Create Spooky Looks with the Seint Makeup You Already Have

Are you tired of spending a fortune on Halloween costumes and makeup every year? Well, guess what? You can actually save money and still create spooky looks! Instead of buying new makeup, why not make use of the Seint Makeup you already have?


Whether you want to be a vampire or a glamorous witch, I’ve got you covered with some easy-to-follow Halloween makeup looks using all Seint makeup. Today, I’ll show you how to transform your everyday makeup into effortless Halloween masterpieces. The best part? You only need 3 to 5 makeup pieces to create each of these Halloween looks.


So, say goodbye to spending more money and hello to creativity and resourcefulness! Get ready to wow everyone at your next Halloween party with these simple yet impressive tips.

Seint Makes Your Magical Makeup Transformation Happen

Seint is your secret recipe to magical makeup transformation because it is cream-based. 


Seint makeup is so versatile, it allows you to easily layer and build the intensity of your makeup. If you want to go all out with bold and dramatic effects, Seint has a wide range of color selections you can even mix together to bring out the intensity. 


Whether you want to become a mystical creature, a classic Halloween character, or a unique creation straight from your imagination, Seint makeup provides the perfect paint and your face as canvas for the Halloween magic.

Easy Halloween Look Ideas Using All Seint Makeup

As a dedicated Seint artist, I’m thrilled to unveil a collection of Halloween looks that you can effortlessly recreate using Seint. With a palette that’s as enchanting as the season itself, Seint provides the ideal medium to unleash your creative spirit and bring your Halloween visions to life.


  • Apply your lighter Seint highlight for a more ghastly look.
  • Create sunken, hollow eyes by using a contour shade around your eyes, including the creases.
  • Enhance the zombie look by adding dark circles under your eyes using black eyeliner or dark brown eyeshadow shade.
  • Achieve the look of rotting skin, use a combination of contour and eyeshadow like Ivy League (green), Midnight (gray), and As If (purple).

Pop Art Vampire:

  • Begin with a flawless base using your lighter highlight.
  • Use a contour to define your cheekbones and create a mysterious aura.
  • Opt for dark, intense eyeshadow like Salem or Seint black as raven eyeliner to create a smoky, seductive gaze.
  • Finish with a bold, deep red lip color such as Saffron, mixed with contour shades for a captivating vampy pout.

Ice Princess:

  • Create a luminous base using lighter highlight shades for that otherworldly glow.
  • Use matte and shimmery blue eyeshadow shades like Sapphire and Reign to capture the essence of the icy aura both on the eyes and lips.
  • Apply a touch of illuminator on your cheekbones and brow bone for a radiant, magical shimmer.
  • Accessorize with crystals or beads to complete transformation.
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