An Inspiring Story of Battle with Lupus

I was on my way to the State Fair, when my systemic lupus flare decided to rear it’s ugly head. I wanted to cry. My own kids were worried about how red my face was. My face was growing sore as minutes went by. 

So, as my husband drove, I took out my palette and covered my entire face within 3 minutes. I first stippled on a thin layer of June covering the redness areas only, to counteract the red, and then went in with white peach and blended them out. 

Seint Artist with Lupus

Not only did the redness vanish but my skin began to feel soothed and protected! The burning stopped. No one saw the red, and I was able to enjoy some time with my family. THIS is the beauty of Seint Makeup. 

This is age 46 battling several auto immune diseases. This is relief that I can still look and feel comfortable no matter what my body faces. ????

(These photos were taken within minutes of each other with zero filters, and natural lighting from inside my car.)

Feel free to share. #LupusAwareness

This is relief that I can still look and feel comfortable no matter what my body faces

Redness Flare Up Caused By Lupus Covered By Seint Makeup

I was even more amazed that after applying the cream, the pain eased! But, it is a humectant and protects the skin. I used to use Dermablend, but never again! Seint never dries my skin, but covers and protects. It truly is life changing for many of us! 🙏🏼💜

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