Common Mistakes Women Make When Using Seint Makeup

Common Mistakes Women Make With Seint
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After spending years as a Seint artist, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to really get to know this makeup and master my skills. 


And you know what? I’ve noticed something interesting – sometimes, when women aren’t loving their makeup, it’s not necessarily because of the products themselves. It’s often because they haven’t had enough chances to really play around with them and find what works best for them. 


So, let’s talk about some of the common mistakes women make with their makeup. Trust me, knowing these pitfalls is half the battle! So, let’s chat about how we can avoid them.

Not Understanding the Skin Adjustment Period

Imagine your skin is like a dry desert and the cream makeup is an oasis that brings moisturization. The cream makeup kicks in your sebaceous glands to go on overdrive. Suddenly, your face is an oil factory.  This is actually a period of adjustment, this is when your skin tries to get used to the new makeup regime, and is just a temporary phase.  


It’s important to allow your skin time to adapt to new products, especially if you’re shifting from traditional makeup to Seint’s cream-based products. 

Skipping Moisturizer in the Routine

As with any makeup, ensuring proper skin hydration is important. Moisturized skin provides the best canvas for the makeup. Not only does a moisturizer hydrate the skin, but it also helps in maintaining the skin barrier, preventing the makeup from being absorbed. This explains why your makeup don’t last like it should.


Skipping moisturizer in your routine not only hinders the performance of the makeup but also neglects the needs of your skin. So, don’t stop the moisturizer. Use a little less than usual if you must but never stop it altogether.

Not Seeking Guidance From Seint Artists

Help with 3D Foundation Concept

Most women that I came across with thinks that there is a learning curve with Seint and I do not disagree. Imagine a foundation that is also your blush, contour and concealer all blended into one.

This is a brand new concept but one that actually simplifies how we do our makeup.  So, wouldn’t it be valuable to learn the concept from a Seint Artist that can guide you until you’ve fully grasped it?


Help with Color Matching

And another thing, Seint products is not available in stores, it is a Direct to Consumer makeup company and only sold online. But, did you know that Seint Artists studies their makeup rigorously learning about color matching so you don’t have to go to the hassle? That’s right, Seint Artists like myself offer Seint color matching  services at no cost to you! 


Help with Makeup Techniques and Troubleshooting

Another Seint Artist service that is valuable for you is makeup troubleshooting. Our skin has unique needs and Seint Artist can offer you guidance from product application techniques to addressing any issues with your makeup, such as creasing or fading. And did I already say that Seint Artist services are free? Because it is! It is for you to take advantage of!


What can go wrong if you DIY?

A lot! Not seeking the valuable guidance provided by Seint Artists can lead to incorrect color choices and dissatisfaction with the makeup products. As a result, giving up on the best makeup you can possibly have before it can work for you.

Applying Excessive Makeup Product

Using an excessive amount of Seint makeup product can result in a heavy and cakey look. This makeup is supposed to look natural on you. So, go light on the product. And since it is cream, you should be able to build it to your preferred coverage.

Not Using the Tools

Like a painting, use of proper makeup tool is pivotal for a seamless makeup application. Choosing the right application tools, such as brushes or sponges, can make a significant difference in how the product sits on your skin.

Neglecting to Clean Makeup Brushes

Maintaining makeup brushes regularly is crucial for upholding hygiene and guaranteeing the best application of Seint makeup products. Neglecting a proper cleaning routine can result in bacteria buildup on the brushes, which can then transfer onto your skin, causing breakouts and other skin issues.


Not only does cleaning your brushes help with hygiene, but it also prolongs the longevity of your makeup products.


To guarantee proper brush care, it’s advisable to clean your brushes at least once a week, especially if you use them daily. Using a gentle shampoo or brush cleaner and warm water, swirl the brushes until the water runs clear, then reshape the bristles and let them air dry. This simple yet effective technique not only eliminates makeup residue but also keeps your brushes soft and in good condition for a longer period.

Not Taking Advantage of the Palette Credit

I just want to say that a lot of women does this – not adding a palette on their order. The palette or the magnetic compact is quite pricey when bought as is. 


But if you buy at least 4 makeup tins – basically any of the highlights, contour, bronzer solid perfume, eyeshadows – you get a palette credit that gets automatically deducted on checkout. Unfortunately, if you did not use it with the order, this credit is gone.


Let me show you how the palette credit works. In this example, you can see that a  IIID Palette 8 costs me $8. The regular price without the discount is $32 (Canadian Dollar). But because I also bought a bronzer, illuminator, contour, highlight and lip+cheek, I get a $24 off the regular price!

Discounted Palette And Qualifying Tin Illustration

Artist Jo’s Advice

These are all the common mistakes that I gathered women make with their Seint makeup. I’ve compiled them in hopes to help you become confident in your skin again. 



Avoid these common mistakes -overlooking the skin adjustment period, skipping moisturizer, not seeking guidance from Seint Artists, applying excessive makeup, and forgetting to clean brushes, I hope to give you best Seint makeup experience.



I hope these tips will help enhance your routines and achieve results that truly highlight your natural beauty. So, let’s empower ourselves to make the most of our Seint makeup journey.

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