Foster Care Awareness Month (2024)

Foster Care Promotion 2024
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Every year, there is a new product offered to support the company’s charity closest to home. Its nice to see a company building a community.

Want to support a great cause? This year’s offering is a beach and beauty necessity just in time for summer! Read on this year’s offering.

What items can be purchased for the Seint foundation?

Ocean Breeze Foundation Collection 

  1. Ocean Breeze Towel and Checkers:
    • perfect for lounging or playing games with its soft microfiber fabric 
    • built-in checkers pattern and accompanying 24 playing pieces. 
  2. Summer Love Lip + Cheek
    • Add a subtle touch of color to your look with a cool pink gloss perfect for beachy vibe

Ocean Breeze Towel Foster Care Promotion

Ocean Breeze Towel and Checkers

The towel and checkers pieces is also available for individual purchase, all proceeds are also donated.

  • Fabric: Microfiber
  • Dimensions: 63″ x 35.55″
  • Includes one beach towel and 24 checkers pieces

 Available while supplies last.

Summer Love Lip+Cheek

This is the perfect gloss for summer.

Summer Love Foster Card Promotion

Where are all proceeds going to be donated?

All proceeds supporting foster care awareness through Seint Foundations:

Enjoy your summer adventures in style and know that your purchase served our foster homes.

Thank You For Your Donation To Foster Homes
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