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As the beauty world increasingly moves toward e-commerce, Seint—a new makeup brand which is sold exclusively online—is particularly dependent on getting its virtual color match right.


Founded by Cara Brook, Seint is built on the principle of enhancing our natural beauty instead of covering with layers upon layers of makeup. So finding the shade of foundation that will not look cakey and won’t require a lot to apply is the reason a perfect match is necessary.


Who Can Help with the Color Match?

It’s ultimately important for Seint to have that one-on-one relationship with their customers. When you go into a department store, there’s someone there to help guide you to the right products. Seint want to recreate that virtually.


To do that, Seint employs the services of Artist to offer color matching services, which usually means answering a set of questions about your skin characteristics and natural features.


What is a Virtual Color Match?

A virtual makeup color match is what Seint Artists do to find the perfect shade of highlight, contour, lip and cheek color for your skin tone. All you need is a photo of yourself and answer a few questions so that a Seint Artist like myself can recommend your perfect color. Seint Artists have a specialized training for color matching.


While other brands are struggling with matching you virtually, Seint has a proprietary and well-structured system to color match it’s customers.  You just need to take the Seint Artists’ color match quiz.


What is the Benefit of a Color Match?

The benefits of using a virtual makeup color match are endless. For starters, you can find your perfect shade without having to try on the product. Second, you can save time and money by only buying the products that are right for you. And lastly, you can be sure that you’re always wearing the right shade of makeup for your skin tone.

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