The Camo HAC

Camo Highlighting And Contouring Placement Guide 1

What is a Camo HAC?

Camo or camouflage is a highlighting and contouring (HAC) technique also popularized by Seint. The technique is called camo which means to camouflage unwanted skin discolorations by putting a camo color which is a shade or two darker than the natural skin color. Camo is applied first before the main and the pop (another term for brightening) highlights.

As your knowledge of the IIID foundation progress, Camo is one step advanced than the Basic HAC.

This technique can be used on Starter Palettes collection 8 and 12.

Sample Camo Palette

This is how a camo makeup palette looks. A double decker magnetic palette for up to 12 tins is going to be your choice.

Starter Palette Collection 12 Deck 1

"Camo" Placement Guide


Apply on the :
  • upper forehead
  • along the jawline
  • up against the bottom of your cheekbone
If you want extra details try it on your eyes, upper edges of nose, and to add dimension to your lips.

Camo Highlight

This is a color darker than your complexion which you can use as concealer.

Apply first to :

  • dark circles
  • redness
  • acne
  • melasma

Use soft dabbing motions to buff the product just on the areas you want the extra coverage.

This deeper color is also a great option for seasonal changes when your skin may be ready for a darker shade.

Pop Highlight 

Also called the brightening highlight. Add to the following for a natural lift and brighten :

  • tops of cheekbones
  • center of nose
  • inner eye
  • lower forehead
  • upper lip 

If needed, add to the jawline to create balance with the neck and overall look.

Main Highlight 

Apply to the “triangle of light” and areas you have not already placed your pop, camo, and contour. This shade should blend seamlessly in a single layer.

Lip + Cheek 

Place on your cheeks, add that gorgeous flush, and enhance your natural glow. Embrace the versatility and add to your lips as well!


Illuminator + Bronzer 

Want the perfect summer glow? Mix your illuminator and bronzer with the round end of our brush and apply to anywhere the sun would normally hit.


(Available in collection 12) 

Apply the silky textured eyeshadow and eyeliner to your eyes with simple techniques to create a beautiful and complete look.

Starter Palette Collection 12 Deck 2

The Tools

Detail Brush 

Flat end 

  • Use for thin and detailed contouring

Rounded end 

  • Use for highlighting and light spot application on any trouble areas with your Camo highlight
Detail Brush Flat Vs Round End Side

Blush + Bronzer Brush 

Smaller End

  • Use the smaller end to apply blush into the apples of your cheeks and blend. 
  • Use to apply the main highlight for those who want a lighter application. 

Large End

  • Use the larger end for applying a subtle touch of bronzer.
Blush Bronzer Brush Large Vs Small End Side

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