Beginner Highlighting and Contouring

Beginner Highlighting And Contouring Placement Guide

What is the Beginner HAC?

If you are new to 3D foundation, this is where I would recommend that you start. It replaces your single color foundation, using at 3 colors – main, contour and lip+cheek. 

This technique does not include a brightening for the simplest, easiest 3D makeup routine, just leaving your main, contour and the lip&cheek (or blush).  I also like to recommend this for more matured skin because brightening can accentuate wrinkles or fine lines.

Illuminators and Bronzers intentionally left out for another tutorial.

Sample Beginner Palette

This is how a beginner makeup palette looks. A single deck magnetic palette for up to 4 tins is enough.

Beginner Hac Palette

Beginner HAC Placement Guide


Apply on the :

  • upper forehead
  • along the jawline
  • up against the bottom of your cheekbone

If you want extra details try it on your eyes, upper edges of nose, and to add dimension to your lips.

Main Highlight 

Apply to the “triangle of light” and areas you have not already placed your pop, camo, and contour. This shade should blend seamlessly in a single layer.

Lip + Cheek 

Place on your cheeks, add that gorgeous flush, and enhance your natural glow. Embrace the versatility and add to your lips as well!

The Tools

IIID Brush 

Pointed end 

  • Use for thin and detailed contouring

Rounded end 

  • Use for main highlighting 
  • Apply under the eye to brighten the circle
  • Apply into the forehead 

Iiid Brush Round Vs Pointed End Side

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