How do I simplify my makeup?

Are you looking for a makeup refresh? Are you tired of that big makeup caboodle?


If you’re anything like the average woman, your makeup routine is probably more complicated than it needs to be. Between all of the products on the market and all of the different techniques that you can use, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up using more products than necessary.


So how can you simplify your makeup routine without sacrificing the look that you want? Start by taking a close look at the products that you’re using. Do you really need that many different makeup products? Probably not. Stick to a few basic colors. 


Also, Seint creams are multi-purpose: your contour can be used as brow color, your lip color is also your blush or concealer!

Next, take a look at your application methods. Are you using too many brushes or taking too much time to apply your makeup each morning? Again, simplicity is key here. Use Seint’s double ended brushes and spend less time on each step of your makeup routine.


All you really need is just one compact with all your makeup neatly tucked in and a brush. Seint makeup comes in tins that can be assembled inside a magnetic palette. The palette is fully customizable so you can pick only what you need. Seint brushes are double-ended to save you space. Their makeup is buildable depending on your preferred coverage, Seint have makeup brushes to match the coverage you need.


Let SEINT show you how you can simplify your makeup.

Ready to simplify your makeup with SEINT?