Brush Blitz : A One of a Kind Brush Sale

seint brush blitz
Table of Contents

Brush Blitz

Table of Contents

With a good makeup brush,
every woman can be an artist ✨

In celebration of Seint’s one-of-a-kind brushes, please welcome back the Brush Blitz!


Ladies, get ready to upgrade your makeup game with the Seint’s Brush Blitz Sale! Because we know, there’s nothing quite like a good set of brushes to make applying your favorite products a breeze. And the right brush can transform even the most basic look into something extraordinary.


The Brush Blitz is a once a year promotion offered by Seint so time to grab those high-quality brushes you’ve been eyeing for!


Please note the mechanics is a little different this year. Here’s how it will work:


Every day starting on June 12th, ONE new Brush Blitz Offer will be made available at the start of the day (12am MDT). The offer for that day will only be available to purchase for 24 hours, and will expire that same day at 11:59pm, MDT. After that, the next collection will become available and will repeat until all five collections have made their debut.




Sometimes it’s hard to keep a good secret, so we are sharing a little sneak peek:
Day 1 – Pucker Up
Day 2 – Demi Touch
Day 3 – Bubbles and Brushes
Day 4 – Brush BFFs
Day 5 – Summer’s Glow


Be sure to join us and follow along so you don’t miss out on our Brush Blitz.

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