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seint makeup review
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Seint (formerly Maskcara) Review

Giordano, Beth. “Seint Beauty Review (Formally Maskcara Beauty).” Pretty Fresh Things, 14 Jan. 2021,

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Beth first learned about Seint Beauty through a friend named Andrea. She was a beauty lover and also was an aesthetician before she began working at Seint Beauty. They connected because of their mutual passion for aesthetics, fitness, fashion and pretty things. 


Beth watched her friend’s online portfolio for beginning as an artist at Seint. Beth did a lot of research regarding Seint’s official Instagram, other business pages created by Seint, and other artists.

Understandably, a lot of reviews were found to be from vendors/distributors, and several just discovered snippets of posts by non-sellers. Beth was really intrigued by the cream foundation and IIID colour palette, and she texted Andrea to let her know if she would be able to color coordinate advise and give the lowdown.

Andrea said that one of the great things about Seint is that it is very versatile. It can be used every day or for special occassions. The foundation they call highlight can be more or less coverage depending on the brush you use and the amount you apply it with. Seint is all about 3-dimensional effect and creating a natural-looking glow by making use of a customized highlight, contour, lip / cheek.

Andrea applied 2 highlights, contour, lip and cheek, bronzer, and illuminator, and Beth was shocked by how glowing and natural it turned out. And while she was under fluorescent lighting, it still looked great. It looked even better in the mirror in natural light. 


Beth went about that day and the remainder of the makeup still looked fantastic at the end of the day. She was shocked to see since Andrea  didn’t even used setting spray or setting powder. The cream-based formula didn’t feel heavy on Beth’s skin and I didn’t have any negative reactions from it.

Beth then immediately ordered her highlight, contour, blush, illuminator and the IIID brush. She ordered 4 tins, so she received a magnetic palette for free. It came in a few days and she quickly began using it. Because her highlight shade was out of stock, Beth used it with other products and it still worked as well.

Seint comes in individual tins so you can mix and match

Since it’s Beth’s first time, and was not ready to make the most of cream-based makeup, mixing the contour, lip, cheek, and illuminator with the other brands did not seem to be a problem. She enjoys the consistency of the cream, so she actually stalked the Seint website to buy some more products.

Beth’s skin is dry so cream is the best kind of makeup for her. 

Build Your Own Palette Colors

Seint Customizable Palette
  • Main Highlight – White Peach
  • Brightening Highlight – Moonlit
  • Contour – Olive
  • Lip + Cheek – Hollywood (similar to Nars Orgasm)
  • Illuminator – Rose Gold
  • Bronzer – Bella

Tips and Tricks

  • All the make up comes in metal tins and you pop each into a magnetic palette. Get the one that holds at least 8 tins. The Palette 4 is great to throw in your handbag for touch ups but you can easily outgrow.
  • Make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized. 
  • Allow several minutes for your skin’s moisturizer to dry after applying.
  • To apply the cream to your skin, give it some moments to warm up before blending it with a brush or heating the palette or tins between your palms or a blasting of the hair dryer on the low setting. It’s best to warm it up before use so it’s blendable.
  • Even if you use a primer, try to avoid those that include silicone. Silicone can be too grippy and won’t blend as well.
  • You can order on their website without a Seint Artist but the Seint Artist can help you color match you and show you shade suggestions. The Seint website offers practically no information on colors, which can make selecting them difficult. 
  • The Lip + Cheek can be used as a blush and lip color but the matte ones can be a little drying on the lips so make sure to use a lip conditioner or a glossy Lip + Cheek options. 

When Beth was with family over the holidays, she brought her entire cosmetic case filled with Seint makeup palette and collection of eyeshadow, lip and cheeks.  In her own words, she’s officially obsessed!

Beth loves the cream-based foundation at Seint as it best matched her  skin type. It’s buildable, customizable and talc free. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t add unnecessary ingredients. Seint explicitly discloses the ingredients in their products. They are paraben free, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

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