Seint Income Disclosure

Seint provides an Income Disclosure Statement that reflects the earnings opportunity for their distributors, called “Artists”. The most recent available data is from 2023.

Some key details from this disclosure include:

  • The average annualized income for all Seint Artists in 2023 was $2,243.49 CAD for Canadian Artists and $2,427.17 USD for U.S. Artists.
  • A significant portion of individuals who signed up as Seint Artists were considered inactive for compensation plan purposes – 25% in Canada and 27% in the U.S.
  • The income ranges varied widely across different Artist ranks. For example:
    • Artist I (the lowest rank) had an average annual income of $77 in US and $119 in Canada
    • Artist X (the highest rank in US) had an average annual income of $926,014
    • Artist VII (the highest rank in Canada) had an average annual income of $156,258
  • Highest income by an individual in the US is $1,891,645. 
  • Highest income by an individual in Canada is $269,607. 
  • The vast majority of Artists (over 90%) were in the lower ranks with much smaller average incomes.
  • Seint emphasizes that these earnings do not include expenses incurred by Artists in operating their business, which can vary widely.
  • The company states that success requires hard work, leadership, and dedication, and some distributors make no money at all.

US Artists

Canadian Artists

It’s important to note that Seint’s policies prohibit Artists from making income projections, income claims, or disclosing their Seint income when recruiting new members. 

The company also forbids “lifestyle” income claims that suggest Artists can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle due to their Seint earnings.

When considering this opportunity, it’s crucial to understand that these figures represent gross income before expenses and that the majority of participants earn relatively modest amounts, if anything at all.