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seint advent calendar
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Unwrap a Surprise Every Day with the Seint Advent Calendar!

Get into the festive spirit with the Seint Advent Calendar. Each day, uncover a new eyeshadow to add some extra sparkle to your holiday season. This limited-edition calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who loves all things beauty!

What Surprises Can You Expect in the Seint Advent Calendar

Seint Advent Calendar features 12 brand new eyeshadows. This unique gift will not only add a personal touch to your loved ones’ beauty must-have; but will also put some much-needed excitement into your own makeup routine.


This specially curated collection of eyeshadows is exclusively for this festive season, ensuring you have access to all-new eyeshadow colors that will make your eyes sparkle for the holiday!

Those familiar with Seint’s buttery smooth and ultra-pigmented eyeshadows can expect that familiar flawless application in 12 new limited edition shades. 


For those who have yet to try our eyeshadows, the advent calendar is an excellent introduction to a range of shades with a little holiday magic. Available while supplies last.

Sneak Peak to the Seint Advent Calendar

While spoilers are no fun, we’re excited to offer a sneak peek into some of the dazzling shades you can expect in this year’s Eyeshadow Advent Calendar:


Enchanted Forest Green:

Capture the essence of a winter forest with a frosted green shadow that evokes the magic of the season.


Frosted Silver:

Channel your inner ice queen with a frosty silver shade that glimmers and gleams like freshly fallen snow.


Glimmering Gold:

Start your holiday festivities with a touch of sparkling glamour. This shimmering golden eyeshadow will make your eyes sparkle like a winter wonderland.

Deep Plum:

For those cozy winter evenings, a plum hue will add a touch of elegance to your look.


Shimmering Rose Gold:

A touch of romance awaits with a rose gold shade that’s perfect for date nights or festive gatherings.


Velvet Rubies:

This rich, velvety ruby shade is perfect for creating a bold, sultry look, perfect for those glamorous holiday parties.

Warning: Full Preview Ahead

The Seint Advent Calendar is a highly anticipated beauty product that offers a delightful surprise for 12 days leading up to Christmas. It is designed for those who appreciate the excitement and anticipation that comes with counting down to the holiday season. 


While some may prefer to keep the details hidden to maintain the element of surprise, here are the full details for anyone who wants to know what to expect from the Seint Advent Calendar.


So go ahead, reveal if you must! The choice is yours! After all, we enjoy differently. Click the arrow down and see for yourself!

Takeaway From Your Artist

The Seint Advent Calendar is a must-have for anyone looking to spice up holiday gift giving with its element of surprise. The gift of beauty is often cherished and appreciated, and never disappoints, just like this advent calendar.


Whether you’re going for a sultry smoky eye or a glamorous holiday look, this advent calendar is packed with wonderful surprise. So, don’t miss out on the limited edition shades – get your own Seint Advent Calendar now!

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