Meet Jo

Hi, I am pleased to see you here. ❤️

My name is Jo Velarde, I am the face of StudioBeaute.Co, a passionate mom of 2 dedicated to helping women look and feel best using products I personally recommend.

seint family

I am an IT person and can be technical sometimes. And when I am not working, I love to keep this site pretty! Do you agree?


I am not a native English speaker, but found my happiness in writing blogs to express myself with the help of technology – AI. Say hello to ChatGPT!

In our pursuit of beauty, we embrace the whole, not just the parts. With a holistic approach, we cherish the essence of every individual, nurturing beauty from within and without. Every action, every creation, resonates with our belief that true beauty blooms in harmony with body, mind, and soul.

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I strive to be a holistic person so while I admire physical beauty, I acknowledge that there’s more to it than just that.

I recommend health, beauty and even financial products that I personally tried and tested. I also offer my technical services such as website design, initial setup and launch.


I offer personalized color matching for Seint and after sales support to my women. 


I interact with and make friends along the process. 


I also offer tutorials and love to hear stories of empowerment from the women I luckily cross path with.

I coach women with their own beauty business.


I take pride in being a part of a community of women uplifting each other.

seint artist

And, the best part of what I do is earn extra on the side while looking and feeling good!

This site is supported by the friends of StudioBeaute.Co. When you purchase through my links, I may receive commission at no extra cost to you and help keep this site running. I only recommend products I personally vetted.