Troubleshooting : SEINT Makeup Help and Tips

troubleshoot seint makeup

Are you having trouble getting your Seint Makeup to look just right? Figuring out the perfect combination of cosmetics for that flawless, Instagram-ready complexion can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a Seint makeup novice or an experienced pro, this article will provide you with all Seint Makeup Help […]

Why I signed up for SEINT?

It’s true that beauty industry is already saturated with a lot of products promising to create the transformation many women desire. But, isn’t it a wonder why I was not deterred by it? Rather, I saw a vast opportunity with SEINT. SEINT’s idea is gold! First, to really enhance beauty, we do not need to […]


The power of 3D Foundation is real! I am in complete awe every time I use it. I wanted to talk for just a second about my highlight because mine has been very different to match. I personally had to go darker under my eyes because all other highlights were giving me texture and making […]


I have worked in dentistry/healthcare most of my adult life. I became so burnt out, and anxiety was crippling. I was able to quit my full time job in May and became a Seint artist. The before picture on the left is when I very first started, and on the right is a more recent […]


I have sold Mary Kay since I was 20 and I’m 49. I get you. I tried SEINT and there IS no comparison. I always wondered why I would spend all this time with Mary Kay only to feel like my face still just never looked like all there other women. I thought it was […]


I am one of the ladies you often refer to as mature. I am the mother to six adults and a foster baby. Also the grandma (or as they call me Mom Mom) to 14 grandchildren. This make up is totally changing my perspective on aging. I have crows feet, frown lines, a chubby face […]


Hi, ladies! I’m celebrating one year with SEINT and I just turned 51. Before this magical makeup, I was never happy with any type of foundation because it slid off of my face or my skin looked coated with powder that fell into fine lines. I have OILY mature skin, mild rosacea, and melasma along […]