Seint Compensation Plan

Seint Compensation Plan Overview

The Seint compensation plan is designed to provide Independent Artists with opportunities to earn income through selling Seint products and potentially building a team. Here are the key points about the Seint compensation plan:

Commission and Earning Potential:

  • Independent Artists can earn between 20% to 40% commission on every Seint product they sell.
  • The more an artist sells in a month, the higher the commission they will receive on those sales.

No Monthly Quota or Inventory Requirements:

  • There are no monthly quotas or sales minimums, and Independent Artists are not required to stock any inventory.

Financial Success and Commitment:

  • When presenting or discussing the Seint compensation plan, it must be made clear to prospects that financial success in Seint requires commitment, effort, and sales skill.

Income Projections and Claims:

  • Independent Artists are not allowed to make income projections, income claims, income testimonials, or disclose their Seint income when presenting or discussing the Seint opportunity or compensation plan.

Support and Resources:

  • Seint provides resources and support to help Independent Artists be successful in their business, including color matching clients in person and online.