Seint Paint By Number Makeup

seint makeup paint by number tutorial
Table of Contents

Seint Paint By Number Makeup Technique

Table of Contents

Makeup can be intimidating especially if you are not up to date with trends. But one technique that is gaining popularity is called the Paint by Number by Seint.


This technique promises to simplify complicated beauty routines into an easy-to-follow paint-by-numbers approach. Who would not want a makeup routine that’s simple yet delivers impressive results?


With this technique, you assign numbers to different parts of your face and match them with specific makeup shades. This takes away the uncertainty, making it easier for anyone, even those aiming for expert makeup skills, to achieve precision and harmony.


As I’ve explored this approach, I’ve enjoyed blending colors with confidence, and I’m excited to share this amazing makeup experience with others who want to simplify their makeup too.


The Basics of the Paint By Number Technique

Paint By Number technique simplifies makeup overall. It’s like when you use a paint-by-number kit for art – it breaks down your face into parts that are easy to handle. The goal is to be precise and make your face look perfect without much effort.

Know Your Colors

First, knowing what color to put into their designated parts of the face.

Brush (or Sponge) is a Must

Putting on makeup with brushes is an art. Each stroke should be purposeful, like an artist using a palette. The right brushes make a big difference, giving you control and helping you blend everything smoothly.

Blend Your Colors

Blendings are a big deal in this method. It’s about making colors flow together nicely without any harsh lines.

Create Depths and Dimensions

Now, let’s talk about highlighting and contouring – that’s where the magic happens. By putting light and dark in certain places, I can make my cheekbones look higher, and my face seem slimmer. It’s like a transformation that makeup artists usually do, and now we can achieve it with this technique.

Set Your Masterpiece

Last but not least, setting the makeup. It keeps everything in place, so my makeup stays looking great for a long time.

Paint By Number Step-by-Step Application Guide

As you get the hang of the basics of the Seint Paint By Number technique, let me guide you through the basic steps of putting on your makeup using this cool method. The basic Seint makeup set should have at least 4 colors.

Seint basic makeup palette with four colors

Start numbering your colors from 1 to 4, 1 being the lightest and 4 being the darkest. I normally go from lightest to darkest colors.


Begin applying color number 1, your lightest, this is your brightening highlight or concealer. Put under the circle of the eyes in an inverted triangle form, in the forehead, use it to line the bridge of your nose. These are the high points of the face so put it where you want to stand out.

brightening highlight placement

Work on number 2, this is your main highlight. It is the color of your skin and you want to apply it for coverage or to even out your complexion. Put it on side of the forehead, above the jawline, each sides of the mouth, or anywhere coverage is needed.

main highlight placement

Then, number 3, this is your blush and lip color. Put on your lips and above the cheek bone.

blush placement

And the last is number 4, this is your contour. This is the darkest of all colors which creates the illusion of a shadow in the face. Line on each side of the nose, on your hair line above the forehead, on the cheek bones and on the jaw line.

contour placement

Now, blend starting with number 1 and working up to number 4 in a nice, circular motions to avoid any sharp lines and keeping it looking natural.

basic 3d foundation placement


Having the right brushes is important. Use a fluffy brush for blending, a dense one for contouring, and a precise angled brush for sharp details. These tools make it easy to get the look you want with accuracy.

As you get more familiar, you can start introducing more colors into your palette such as color correctors, bronzer and illuminators.


Embracing Simplicity

Once you tried the Seint paint by number makeup application technique, you’re going to love it because it’s easy but makes impressive results.


Just follow the numbers, and soon doing your makeup is a breeze, giving you a nice, polished look every time.


If you want a cool and effective makeup trick that’s also fun, you should definitely give this a try. Believe me, it’s a total game changer for beauty fans who want that easy, Instagram-worthy finish.

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