Beginner Eyeshadow Tutorial

Beginner Eyeshadow Tutorial
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Your makeup is equally as important to your overall look as your clothing. In fact, it can be more important. 


We invite you to see women who didn’t know what to put on after applying their eye shadow. But we also encourage you to see women who know how to put on their makeup properly and they look put together and charming. 


Don’t you want to be one of those women? Of course and we’re providing you with some ideas on how best to accomplish that.



Good news! Defeating the stigma surrounding the intricacies of applying eyeshadow is not extremely difficult. It is all about understanding the right process and your own style. 


Just keep practicing and trying different techniques until you get it right. Check out the following pointers for how to apply eyeshadow successfully:



Eye Primer

Always apply a primer for your eyes just like you normally do to your face. Seint product like the Vanilla Dust setting powder can be effective for the eyes, or you can base it on the eye area. It creates a balanced canvas to work with.



Blend the colors

Blend, blend, and then blend some more. I just can’t stress this enough: Try out an experiment! Blend one eye and then just brush the other eye. You’ll understand what I’m saying in a moment, and you’ll never forget to blend again.



Stay Spray

If you want to have dramatic eyes, take your eye shadow brush, wet it with a Seint’s Setting Spray, and then into the shadow, then apply. You’ll be able to get a much deeper, dramatic color this way.



Eyeshadow for your Eye color

Choosing the right eyeshadow can make a world of difference in enhancing your eye color and bringing out the natural beauty of your eyes. Whether you have blue, green, or brown eyes, there are certain shades that can truly make them pop. 


Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, wear purple, violet, taupe, gray, deep blue, and black.

Brown Eyes

As an individual with brown eyes, you can wear a funky mixture of blue, green, or other colors. Examples of “funky” colors include fuchsia, turquoise, and silver.

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, wear purple, plum, forest green, brown, and khaki. Funky color schemes include light green, gold, and bright purple. 

Dark Eyes

Dark-eyed women should go for champagne, copper, brown, apricot, khaki, and beige eye makeup. Funky colors that are cool are royal blue, tangerine, hot pink, and hand.

All Eyes Color

Navy, powder blue, and charcoal are all suitable colors for everyone. Fun colors include silver.

Eye Shadow Placement

  •  Place a lighter shadow in the inner corner of your eye to counteract the effects of old age and to make your eyes look younger.
  •  If you want your eyes to appear bigger, use a light color on the inner corner, and a darker color in the middle of the eye area.
  •  Practice with your eyeshadow application until you are able to do it perfectly. When you get good at it, your makeup will look more natural and much more refined.
  •  Darken only the eyelids from the lash line to the crease in the eyelid by only applying your dark shadow. Apply only your medium shadow coming from just under that eyelid crease to the brow bone.
  •  Follow along the brow bone when highlighting your features. Doing this will make your features stand out naturally and beautifully.

Eyeshadow Applicator Brush

When it comes to achieving a flawless eye makeup look, the right tools can make all the difference. And one essential tool that every makeup lover must-have is an eyeshadow applicator brush. This versatile brush is designed to effortlessly apply and blend eyeshadow onto your lids, allowing you to create stunning eye looks with ease.


Following these tips will help you apply your eyeshadow so you will look your best. With practice, you will be able to achieve any look you desire. So have fun and experiment with different techniques and colors.


Remember that while you’re practicing all these eyeshadow steps, you should take notice of what works best for you. Practice by yourself, or practice with a friend if you need help. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to master any eyeshadow look you want.

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