Seint Artist Program 7th Anniversary

Seint 7th anniversary

Celebrate with us! Dive into the Seint Artist Program’s 7th Anniversary—discover the journey, success stories, and how you can be part of the future of beauty!

Unlocking Your Seasonal Color Palette

Seasonal Color Palette

Unlock the beauty of every season with a Seasonal Color Palette. Discover the perfect hues that complement your skin tone, hair color, and eye color, ensuring you always look your best with our expertly curated color palettes.

How To Take Your Selfie for Color Match

how to take your selfie for a color match

Did you know that your perfect selfie is the key for accurate color matching? Learn the secrets to capturing the best results by taking photos in natural light in front of a window to determine your ideal shades and colors.

Seint testimonial : Patty Ann

Read what this Seint customer has to say! Learn how they went from a full time job to having fun with makeup. Get inspired and discover your own beauty!

New Seint Artist Essential Kit

Introducing the Essential Seint Artist Kit Table of Contents Since its inception, Seint has been on a mission to provide high quality cosmetics more accessible to everyone. The brand has always been about empowering women to create their own looks, and their Artist program is a big part of that.  Now, Seint is making the […]


seint review by bonnie

Seint never disappoints me! I’m always amazed at the way this makeup looks on my skin! And so quick and easy too! I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years and never had anything like this! This is what almost 59 looks like!

Why do you need to buy from a SEINT Artist?

Before I tell you why you need to buy from a SEINT Artist, let me just explain a little bit how you would know you are buying from a SEINT Artist site versus the SEINT Corporate site.     How to tell if you are buying from a Seint Artist? You would need to check that […]

Understanding Seint’s Color Match System

The Art of Seint Color Matching Color matching makeup virtually is a process of finding the right shade of foundation, concealer, or other face makeup products for your skin tone and undertone. Virtual color matching is becoming increasingly popular because it offers several advantages: Convenience: You can color match from the comfort of your own […]