How safe are SEINT’s products?

Find out how safe are SEINT’s products according to the Environmental Working Group or EWG There is a growing concern over the safety of beauty products, with many consumers looking for brands that are transparent about their ingredients. SEINT is a company that is committed to being clean and safe, using only natural ingredients in […]


Clean your brushes once a week with SEINT brush cleaner to avoid any breakouts from using dirty brushes but also to avoid picking up too much product. Sanitize your tins with alcohol spray every so often. The denser the brushes bristles, the more product it will pick up. If you have a heavy hand, use […]

Texture shows through

FAQ Texture

Texture issues are almost always color match problems. If you feel like one part of your skin has a texture problem, you may need a different color on those specific parts of your skin. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize. If you can see the flakes, cream will not cover up that texture!

Contour looks Dirty

If your contour looks dirty, it is the wrong contour color for you skin. It should not settle into your pores or seem hard to blend in.

Contour Disappearing

Use a darker contour if you feel like you can’t see your contour after a few hours. Same rule applies to blush.

Makeup Looks Greasy or Oily

seint frequently asked question makeup is greasy or oily

Makeup looks greasy or oily? Get all your cream makeup transition questions answered. Discover the benefits of shifting to Seint makeup. Enhance your beauty effortlessly.


Go darker, not lighter. To cover pink or red, use brown (Aspen) or green (June). To cover blue, use orange (Mango). You won’t get rid of texture, but you can hide those pigments.

Oil Control

Setting Sprays work wonders! We also have a powder that fits into your palette called Vanilla Dust. If you do use a powder, only use it in your T-Zones. At first, I needed to use a translucent powder, but now my skin has acclimated to using a cream and I am much less oily!

Oily ? Tackey ? Cakey?

seint faq oily tacky cakey

Less is more!! I can’t say it enough. Your highlight tin should be lasting around 2 months. If you are going through a lot, we may also need to get you a darker shade. If you touch your skin and it feels tacky, you have too much product on your skin.